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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 San miguel

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 05-07-2004

disrespectful - Wow dude. Looks like you have a good relationship with the locals. Guess yer a pervert or sumpthin.

By California Kid , 27-06-2004

Good Spot - San Miguel is a great spot when the retarded midget locals are at home rubbin their tiny wanks. The wave is not bad. I will go back as the women down there appreciate a real man from time to time.

By Good GuySurfer , 24-06-2004

Hey Chingon - If you see a Caddy, trash it. You have my blessings. My car is something you probably wouldn't even want to be seen in. Just don't be so resentful of all gringos. Some of us are really cool, if you take the time to know us.

By , 12-06-2004

putos y putas - The locals here are putos/hotos. Can't surf but have attitudes. Decent wave. Stay away unless you like shite arse kooks.

By , 12-05-2004

no title - I've surfed San Miguel since the early '80's and, crowd or not,it is one of the funnest waves to surf in either Californias. The trick is to not drink as much as everyone else the night before, so you can beat them out in the morning. If you don't mind paddling out while it's still close to dark you will get a few all to yourself.
Lucky bastard.

By anonymous , 09-04-2004

Hey Andrew- - Are you from Silver Strand/Oxnard? Mellow out. Those hombres down there are idiots, but there are lots of them. They might turn you into fajitas.

By anonymous , 28-03-2004

to laughable - Finally, a voice of reason. Note that the Mexicans might be new, but someday they might be as hostile and ignorant as the idiots at my old spot (which is about 300 miles north).
Sad, I feel like more of a foreigner at Oxnard, then I do in Mexico. I will continue to visit Mexico, but there are many spots north of the border that I hope never to see again. The message is- ignorance crosses all boundries. Mahalo

By laughable, really , 26-03-2004

Amazing - These reports of aggro San Miguel locals are amazing to me. I used to surf the place all the time back in the 80's and not once did I remember seeing any Mexican surfers, let alone 'locals' out there. A few grumpy expat gringos lived in trailers further up the point, and it was often crowded with gringos from SD, but again- never any Mexican surfers. While I'm glad to see they have finally taken to the water, their newness to the sport probably explains a lot of the immaturity you are experiencing from them. Once they get better and travel around a bit, maybe they'll stop acting like imbeciles. One question to these aggro San Miguel locals: Where were you 10 years ago? Hanging out at Poncho's rodeo? Face it, you have jumped on the surfing bandwagon fairly recently, so don't cop a superiority complex now that you have found a good thing.

By Hombre del Norte , 26-03-2004

To JB - You come up to US and steal our jobs. We go down there and take your miserable waves. Live with it.

By anonymous , 25-03-2004

hola JB - Why don't you move to California and pick grapes?

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