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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 San miguel

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By rasta , 08-03-2005

its what you make it. - gotta love all the idiot mainlander surf attitude in this post. san miguel is what you make it.ive been surfing it for 15 yrs and in reality its no different now then it was back then. now i only travel there occasionally as i live north of the bay area. the cantina has great affordable food and beer(pricey). and the camping fee has gone up but is to be expected.
the bottom line is that if your some kook with an attitude your gonna get knocked out here plain and simple. there are many locals now, who live right there in the village, all of them rip. the old man at the bar has been there since the first time i ever went there. his kid rips. also you have a surf class at the university which shows up twice a day and dominates the line up.
but if you just chill out,take your time you'll get waves. its like the rothmans/wolfpack on the north shore.
eddy rothman said" who the fu**k are you guys to think that for one week out of the year" you can just fly in here and paddle out into the best surf, and start snakin everyone and act as if you did no wrong ...bullshit.
he even suggested "hed like to see you paddle out into the channell and stay out of the way and just watch, hoot holler and cheerr everyone on. enjoy your mother ocean for a while and watch the sun go down. have patience. i went to san miguel with this very attitude last time. as i knew that since glen robertson passed away we were no longer part time locals. it was 6 foot hollow and off shore, i paddled out and just watched. maybee for an hour or so. next thing you know some young mexican kid yells"gringo,rasta go go go this ones you." and i stroked into one of the best waves in baja norte.
we took turns till the sun went down. me on my brand new south coast 8'6" and him on his beat up 12footer. i surfed the whole week with no incident. plenty of waves.
much has passed since the days of saying" meteo est glenn" at the gate, but I for one have not changed at all. check out the rasta surfers they rip. thanks to all the locals for letting us ride a few and watch many.
long live the dream. and fu&^$#$&k white imperialist agro attitude from the states , or anywhere else for that matter. try to bring your houli agro ass up to Humboldt and you will recieve the same rough edged might get beat up or you might get bit(landlord) either way have patience slow down and quit snaking people!!!!!its the same in Humboldt,Hawaii, or Mex. check yourselves!!!

By anonymous , 21-02-2005

to laughable, agro, and ccos. . . - i lived in ensenada and san miguel for over a year and you all need to get your shit straight.
to ccos (and i didn't mean that shit comment to you): san miguel is a tiny little village where people live and surf (surf to live, live to surf). a little further south is sauzal where you can find the internet, small markets and liquor stores. about 5 minutes south of that is downtown ensenada where there's all the cafe's you could desire. i recommend visiting Cha'n Te tea house (owned by my friends hiroshi and iridea - beautiful people) a few store fronts north of the McDonalds (you canÕt miss that) on the main road.
to laughable: i know many locals in san miguel who have been surfing that break for years and years (some even old enough to have been around in the 80's). there is immense surfing talent in mexico - open your eyes - the Salinas brothers are legendary on all longboard, shortboard, and bodyboard (puerto escondido locals). Kalle Carranza is up and coming in the world (2004 national champion) and Pablo Bonilla (a rosarito and san miguel local) is one of the best soul surfers ever seen (short and longboard) and you would be blessed to make his acquaintance. the reason so many of them weren't there in the '80s is cause most of them were little kids back then! and they do travel extensively to every spot in mexico from baja sur to puerto escondido oxacca (the mexican pipeline), pasquales colima, etc. just another example of gringos thinking they're better than everyone else. . .
to agro - KOOK! that loco sponger local was my boyfriend and he socked you good! arrogant ass - you were snaking waves and it's not your spot - we fucking lived there - any local anywhere would have punked your ass. anything that's pure and beautiful in mexico is raped by arrogant gringos like you and you should be socked. and i was there that day, don't remember too many locals falling over, but i guess people will remember whatever makes them feel better.

the basic gist of san miguel is this - it is precious, and should be taken care of. as long as gringos RESPECT the locals and the waves, all is good. bring some extra beers and make friends. remember this is their spot, THEIR COUNTRY, and you are a visitor who has the privilage to go there and surf this sometimes epic wave.
when you go out there thinking you are better than everyone else is where you're gonna run into trouble. and if you have that attitude, you should stay at your local break anyway.

By ccos , 14-12-2004

the town - thanks much 'Surfer'. i tried googling it, and there are no photos of the place or desciptions on line at all. a friendly surfer from this bbs has been giving me lots of advice directly, but thus far no pics, which is what i'd really like to see. all the pictures on line are of the surf. hey when you say there are cafe's you're talking about ensenada and not s.m. right?

> you wierdo, there isnt a cafe or internet access you retard, this is mexico remember?

'wierdo' is spelled 'weirdo' and mexico is full of internet cafes, ignoramus.

By Surfer , 13-12-2004

Don't listen anonymous - He has Mexico mixed up with Iraq.

San Miguel is at the edge of Ensenada. Look it up on the web you should be able to find info on everything you need.

And yes there are cafes there. I just drove through Ensenada in August and stopped to get my GF a chilled Frappuchino...

By anonymous , 12-12-2004

hey ccos - you wierdo, there isnt a cafe or internet access you retard, this is mexico remember?

By , 11-12-2004

how's the town - heard a lot about the surf so far on this bbs, but nothing about the town, how is it? descriptions or photos would be greatly appreciated. also is there a little cafe there at all, or access to the internet, and how about a laundromat?


By Cochino , 30-11-2004

Very Dirty - Very dirty spot. Take some water from here and give it to surfriders foundation dudes.Tell them that you collected it from your local break. They'll close the beach in a second. Mexicans still don't know how to handle their shit.Look at any mexican bathroom,from Mazatlan to LA. Way disgusting.

By anonymous , 20-09-2004

mexican paradise - I camped here last weekend and though the surf wasn't huge the length of ride made it all worthwhile. In regards to the last person who wrote in, yeah the locals can be protective, but can you really blame them. They are fortunate enough to have a classic right point with only a handful of their friends and sure enough every weekend kooks like yourself have to come and raid the place with their usual So-Cal attitudes thinking their hot shit. Sure the locals skill levels have not yet caught up with Alta Cali's but I'm sure with waves like that, it won't take long. Next time you come to surf here let the locals have their waves, keep a positive vibe, be friendly and eventually you will get yours. Just don't go down there thinking you're Kelly Slater and try to take all the waves.

By anonymous , 01-09-2004

Disgusted!!! - I was at San Miguel last weekend (8/27-8/30)and the locals are idiots! I witnessed one local, you could describe his surfing at best a flail, ruthlessly burn any American who sat at the top of the point and had to turbo in front of the rocks to make the section. He even went so far as to yell 1,2, tres, as he basically cannon-balled a gringo coming down the line from the point, washing this surfer and his board onto the rocks. He did it time and time again...lawless, clueless and universally disgusting behavior! I sat on the inside and caught the leftovers, which was fine. I would expect that as a traveling surfer and visitor to somebodies local break. But, the total disregard for safety and respect this guy and his friends displayed was appaling at best, especially given their surfing ability. Total kooks...the kind of guys true surfers with ability are disinclined to be around. Especially when rocks and reef are an issue. Personally, I will be spending my American dollars else where. Ensanada will not see one American dime from me! Those guys can have their feces riddled point break! They just add to the stench. Close the boarders for their own good, because if I see that puto up north he is finished!!!

By Pt. Dume GringoGrande , 05-07-2004

Hey Liberal Gringo - It is doing the locals a favor when we go down there. We show them how to surf, drop some real dollars at the cantina,and service their conchitas. What more do you expect, you moron?

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