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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 San miguel

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By , 02-10-2006

quit whining - if you had such a quality wave in your backyard you wouldnt want a bunch of visitor acting like they had wave priority just cuz they paddled out first. the locals here wait through month long flat spells only to have a bunch of wave hungry americans expect priority without paying any dues. once you have gained the respect of the locals you will get your waves. quit your whining or buy a pacifier.
the place does get uncrowded you just have to know when to be on it and where to go if its packed.

By Bradley-D , 24-05-2006

Big wednesday - was anyone else out there Dec. 21, when the waves were stacking up? i swear there were some sets that were over triple overhead! that day was soooo bomb! some waves would even break out in the middle of the bay. it was really nice cause the mexicans were pussys and wouldnt paddle out into the line-up

By , 15-03-2006

not worth it - unless you go during the middle of the weak - good luck, this place get so crowded its a joke - the locals are some of the rudest in all of baja - mix them in with 50 or so weakenders and 1 take off spot and the place is a mess - the wave is great when its on and you can score a few but the locals will drop in on you almost every time, there are plenty of fun spots to surf in baja where you can get good waves and not have 20 rude mexicans snaking you every time

By Surfer from Hawaii...impressed by the West Coast , 11-01-2006

Wed, 12/21...EPIC DAY! - We pulled into the Ensenada Harbor early that morning and the "football field long" Royal Carribean Cruise ship was undulating to some serious sized (West) swells.
From my the lanai of my ocean view room I witnessed & video'd one of the longest breaking "rights" I've ever seen in the Western U.S.(looked like Honolua Bay on Maui, but twice as long). Hard to tell from the distance I viewed it...but I'm guessing 8-10 feet (Hawaiian scale), barrelling on the outside for about
2-4 seconds, reform to another inside section barrelling again for another 2-4 seconds, and then continued breaking to the inside (which was blocked by some warehouse buildings). Someday, I'll get back to Ensenada, on a VERY LARGE WEST SWELL and get barrelled "out of my gourd!"

By nick , 03-12-2005

The Jetty!!!! - i took a trip to baja for just a day at random last winter. i knew about a NW hitting so we charged! hit a beach that i dont even remember the name but they had horses for rent. took a nap for an hour then paddled out, had a good time. drove more south stopped at "trailer parks" for a quick little smoke and saw that a fish would make for a good time. surfed, went to ensenada, ate awesome fish tacos. thought it was time to head back since we were pretty surfed out. just for fun stopped at san miguel. two locals out and fun, fast, head-overhead high waves with a dropping tide! i had one of the best sessions of my life. for sure one ill never forget, we all just shared every set that came and surfed it all the way inside. i highly recommend it but there are others all over down there!!!!!

By wahine , 26-11-2005

study spanish & surf - I am going with a friend (who doesn't surf) to a school in Ensenada to study the language for a couple of weeks. I will only get to surf early morning or late afternoon. Since it's over 15 years since I've been to Ensenada I'm not sure if it's "safe" for a woman (alone) to surf at San Miguel (or other close spots)at the crack of dawn. I'm a good surfer and VERY respectful. I admit after reading a lot of the posts here I was hesitant to write as it seems that the level of maturity is low and basic intelligence lacking with many of the writers. (Maybe that's the nature of the chat room beast?) Also, we may be staying with a family but for some of the time we'll be looking for a decent, reasonable hotel. Besides the usual internet search sites, any suggestions? Gracias!

By anonymous , 21-11-2005

RASTA - RASTA- smoked himself silly. WI will paddle circles around you everytime we come down. Keep the pleasant vibes bro-bra! Haole you idiot, get an education...

By hogleggmarinator , 24-10-2005

San Miguel rocks - Caught it so good 8 solid with a few heads out..there were some girls from Ib there lounging in g srtings tearing it up.surfed it back i the 80s when the IB pier fell.there will always be those who constantly complain,about something,wether it be shitters or crowds.Shut up and Surf.

By Masoquisto , 01-06-2005

Mexico: Guns, Surfboards, Women - we will have a fiesta, we will take on all of tijuana. shacked up with a couple of local chicas from ensenada in the 90's and surfed this area all winter long for days with my bro. caught a wave from the outside at san migs all the way around that wicked rock pile on the inside and all the way to the mountain. one of the greatest times of my life, still think about liliana and sandra once in a while.

By anonymous , 16-04-2005

- Uh... there are tons of better waves than San Miguel in Baja Norte. Why do all of you guys fight over this one? When I make the drive across the border, I'd rather surf something less crowded than Rincon back home. And regarding the "white imperialist" comment -- wow you're so intellectual. You are a product of imperialism, moron, and you are proud of it every day and don't even know it. If you weren't, you would be protesting every economic policy of the States. Here's a new world you should add to your vocabulary: "hegemony." Go read some Zinn for more.

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