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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anon , 29-09-2004

the hotel is the way to go - The new hotel at "pirates cove" (Camalu) is way worth the 30 bucks. Don't go to town, don't drive at night, stay in the hotel, eat at the restaurant, surf right over the cobblestones, bring your longboard, have fun.

By Eric , 29-09-2004

- Serious problems in this area. Watch out for bill and his baboon. A man can get lone out there... The waves are always small... Surf somewhere else... Trust me

By jorge , 20-09-2004

This spot sucks all the time - ive spent years observing and camping here. It never gets good. It can be surfable, but just barely.

By Baja surfer , 08-09-2004

Not even worth the time - Just got back from Baja. This place was a nightmare! Locals crashed into us on the long dirt road towards shipwrecks. They blackmailed us, $100.00 or they would call the policia. Got to the spot and was bit by 1 of the wild dogs. Looked at the waves, it was ankle high, while Camalu and Quatro Casas were both breaking head high! Now I know why this place has empty crowds. Banditos in the local towns, tiny waves, flea fested wild dogs that bite! It sucked! Not even worth your time, hit Camalu or Quatro Casas. rating 1 out 10 ----(2). as in 2 crappy to rate! a nightmare!!!

By confused , 29-04-2004

san jacinto - serious methheads and tiny waves= what the hell

By anonymous , 12-03-2004

robbery - Beware. The san quentin/camalu area is experiencing serious problems with crystal-meth users and all the problems this implies. My friends got all their equipment stolen as they were sleeping in their car, they got beat up real bad.... Do not camp by yourself or leave your car unattended for too long

By anonymous , 01-03-2004

NO GOOD - It hardly breaks over one foot. Parked next to the water and some local held me at gun point until I gave him some money. Bery skecth

By anonymous , 21-01-2004

good surf around this area - I stayed at the baja surf adventures camp right on top of the cliff here. For the 1st week this spot was small.But by the second week 2 hurricanes formed and this place got real good for about 3 days.The best day was about head high to 1 ft over head perfect rights all the way down the beach,and a few lefts that u could only catch way out side. The few locals that live there said that was extremly rare.When it was small we surfed Quatro Casas it averaged waist high just about every day, and bigger when that swell came in.

By anonymous , 02-01-2004

hate that place - be careful. there are theives all over the place in this area. Many a white boy have had their car stolen at gunpoint, and their girlfriends violated at night around here. Yeh, that pic is freighters, which is like doheny, way weak.there are several better spots locally, just be careful. bring a dog, and don't camp alone around here. If anyone comes by selling stuff during the day, they are prob scoping you for the night.

By , 03-12-2003

surf baja - re: freighters. I have a 1ton 4x4 and pull a 27ft travel trailer and am looking for a spot to surf and camp at over the holidays, but I need someone with local knowledge to advise me if I can get my rig to the spot and more importantly, back. I've also heard of Punta San Quintin, any info re: the surf and accessibility with my rig? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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