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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Rincon de baja , 16-10-2005

rincon de baja - Rincon de baja

By anonymous , 15-09-2005

...... - Been to this place a couple of times...and like the rest of the entries..never got it over a foot...Kind of a surreal place, a giant freighter out on a lone point with small mushy waves. I'd recommend heading to Quatro Casas if you really want to surf in this area of mexico.Definately more consistent as well as safer areas to check out. There's a guy named Ramon who you pay to kind of keep things in order.When we asked ramon about banditos,he said he had a gun to take care of them if they came around.Nice old guy.The rumors of banditos and meth heads are true. It's mexico dude...what do you expect...But it can be hit or miss.Maybe you'll meet some really nice locals that are really cool...maybe three guys will roll up on your tent at night and rob you at gunpoint.And this has happened here before!
My first experience here we had three guys walk up on us in the dark,one with a bat and the other with a knife. We saw them off in the distance before approaching us,it seemed as though they were trying to size us up and see how many people we had. Eventually they did approach us and said something to the effect that we had to pay them to camp there.We told them we had already paid Ramon and he would be back at any moment.Remember this is like 12 midnight!It was kind of weird but they just kind of suddenly left.I slept with a tire iron in my hand that night.There are better waves elsewhere,north towards that big cape that I won't mention...

By Rob's friend no longer , 11-08-2005

Keep going south - I've never had luck here. I stopped here to check it out on my way to Punta Baja. I've been here about 5 times (never broke over knee-high). My friend Rob who was with me talked me into, "check it, it's killer". I knew I shouldn't have listened to him. As we pulled up a local approached us. I asked him we're just checking the surf, we just want to get out check the conditions. He said no problemo! As me and Rob went to check out " killer" spot,
(not breaking at all mind you), Rob yells "awesome,check out the ship!" It's a big piece of rust. water a little orange also. we had a smoke, Rob was taking in by the point( it looks like it could be good), the rusted ship. Anxious to move on and get to a real break, i noticed a black pick up truck taking off like a baja racer. I thought it looked strange, he was racing away from us.
As we climbed up the small slope of rocks I noticed my truck was leaning towards the drivers side. Slashed tire!That "Bandito" stole my new fish (used once) & Rob's 8', tent & propane stove . I was so fricken mad!!
I hate to say , but I knew i should have kept going.
My advice, trust your instincts,never listen to friends named Rob who's fascinated with "rusted ships & surf breaks that don't break" I will never stop there again.
5 for 5 with no waves, stolen new board that was shaped just for that trip. Keep moving south or , check out quatro casas.

By baja is crank hell , 01-08-2005

Jacked - Got hijacked at gunpoint by rojo rinaldo and his meth gang. They left me and my buddy tied up in our underwear by the side of the road. Thank god for chicks from santa monica, saved our asses... Never again.

By anonymous , 21-06-2005

good place to go... - good place to go with your wife or girlfriend if you are infertile and looking to get her pregnant. many locals will take care of her for the small fee of everything that you brought with you. sit back, relax and try not to focus on the gun pointed at your face. just kidding. but seriously, it's not that safe of a place. go there and have fun - but be warned. they drop off people caught trying to cross the border in the adjacent town. stop at the store there and you'll quickly catch on..... the waves are tiny anyway.... keep driving south....

By Mhurly , 11-06-2005

punta camalu - Good place to go if you are with wife or girlfriend, if only for the hotel. The pirate's cove hotel is nice w/ good food. The surf is not worthwhile unless you have a longboard. I was there during a medium-sized south and it wasn't very good. Marginal at best. Some local kids were walking around with a video camera. It was obvously a new toy because they were having a good time with it. Gee, I wonder where they got it from?

By , 24-05-2005

Latest News - Just got back from this place (5/20 to 5/22/05) and wanted to set some things straight. For one, never, ever believe They were calling for a 9' TO 13' NW swell, not even close. Additionally, this place DOES NOT break very well on a NW, it needs a SW to work well. Spoke to a local SoCal transplant named Bill, straight up guy who confirmed that the place is a SW break. Also the entire camping compound is fenced in and there are no armed thugs, thieving locals or anything of the sort, just friendly locals. Spoke to the caretaker, Ramon who confirmed that the place is very secure. We caught it 2'to 4' not lining up very well but still fun just north of the ship, mostly rights but some lefts and right in front of the ship, all rights. You can see the potential for the souths to work well. One last thing, this place is basic in the extreme, besides surfing there is not much to do so bring lot's of beer and bocci balls, etc.

By anonymous , 11-04-2005

small surf - we just got back from surfing this place....its not punta camalu that sport is a little bit further south, this spot is Punta San Jacinto, we surfed it but it was tiny, there were a couple head high sets that came through but they were pretty mushy, we checked casas but it was tiny..there wasnt too much swell..

By , 01-04-2005

Small Days at Camalu - Just got back from Punta Camalu (aka Rinconcito?), 31 March 2005. It was super-small and barely rideable; the wind picks up around 10am. Rumors that it handles all swells are exaggerated, but when it goes off I'm sure it's unreal. La Cueva de Pirata restaurant serves a serious breakfast.

By , 02-12-2004

confused - those pictures dont look the same at all, i dont no where that cliff its definitly not the shipwreck .....we go to that shipwreck every year and there is never great surf....only been waist to chest day we were there it was head high maybe overhead on the bigger sets..but as we were putting our wetsuits on it changed drmamtically, surf gotwaist high ...and the onshores picked up, we never have really gotten this place good but im sure it has the capablility..bottom line we have been here for the past 6yrs once a year and havent had it good, better surf elsewhere and im not telling where if you dont no then you shouldnt. this place is a slow mushy wave...we have never had problems down here though everyones been nice...pura vida

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