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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Jason , 18-07-2007

Blah - I was there this last weekend from Friday to Sunday. One of my best friends has a house down there a few spots from Rick. I've been there several times and haven't experienced anyone sketch, though there's a dude with a gun that protects the grounds. Im sure that has to do with it. Anyway, rode some quads down to the hotel, where my friend broke down at about 10pm. We could hear bandidos out there in the middle of nowhere! But they never came through. We were waiting. I've seen the cove at the hotel breaking 6-8 when the ship was at barely 3. Actually if you drive down just past the second small river outlet south of the ship, it's almost always a few feet higher and pretty clean. Also the outer reefs break sick once in a blue moon, but you need to have one of the fishermen take you out. All in all rad area because its a pirate town and you can imagine the great things you can find in a pirate town. Surf sucks 99 percent of the time. Head north for a bit up to the next point and its almost always better. But ships is mostly a kook spot or for old longboarders.

By El Gringo Kid , 20-06-2007

Inside Scoop - Yes, the first time I surfed there was in 1977. Hmmmm? Now that's 30 years. I stand by my statements. Maybe I AM trying to bad mouth the area so I'll have it all to myself. But I don't think so. Really, I'm just warning people so they don't waste their gas looking for waves that may look good on a map, but are actually total crap in person.

By Tecate hombre , 15-06-2007

What the heck is El Gringo talking about? - What you trying to keep everyone away so you can have all the waves to yourself. Shallow shoals? Meth Heads. Camalu is fun and pretty darn consistant. I always find something. But I check the radar before I head down. You sound knowledgable but also sketchy and derogatory. Ive had friends surf this neck of the woods for 30 years. Can you match that? Sure, watch out for banditos and drug addicts, but dude on any swell this area is pretty fun. Go back to Gardena.

By El Gringo Kid , 07-06-2007

Rinconcito equals Little Rincon - Rinconcito? The picture with a cliff is of the wrong place. That's Punta Camalu, which is about 8 kilometers south of Freighters. "Freighters" used to be called "Little Rincon" in the late 70's before a freighter ran aground on the point. So since "Little Rincon" in spanish is "Rinconcito", I guess they are both one and the same. Actually the places real name is Punta San Jacinto. We used to surf and camp there when there was nothing but wheat fields on the point. Now there are a bunch of houses and some lame "surf camp" for weekend warriors. It looks like it has potential on the maps, but don't be fooled, the whole coast from Colenet in the north to Camalu in the south (which includes Cuatro Casas) is hampered by shallow shoals way out to sea, which really saps the energy out of any swell. It's very weak. The tide has to be really high to get the swell up over the shallows so it will break correctly. It's best to avoid the whole Colenet, Camalu, San Quentin area now days, because of the desperate poverty, meth heads and banditos in the area. Keep alert at the local gas stations in the area, they won't clear the pumps after the last customer and you will end up paying double. If you have to drive through the area to points south, don't stop till you reach El Rosario.

By casas , 22-06-2006

camalu - the first pic is camalu,a point that looks like it gets good but is pretty much always small and the second is a point called also looks like it could get good but rarely dose, as it needs a huge swell. if your in the area visit these places because the views are nice but go to quatro casas to surf.

By Norte , 15-06-2006

Break ruined by rocks. - Rocks put there by the hotel owner to make a boat launch ruined what point there was. Needs a lot of swell from rare direction to get around the rocks, and only then on a big longboard. Freighters up 10 miles north (look for the Punta San Jacinto billboard) is a much better break. Enjoy paying $5 to camp there. Gringos ripping off gringos! Isn't Baja great!

By longtime baja visitor , 26-05-2006

weak mush - 99.9999% of the time, this spot is for kooks and ancient longboarders. Nice setup, lame spot. Great for the SUV's full of 3 families and soft tops on the roofs that are killing surfing and baja one weekend at a time.

By Tumadre , 23-01-2006

Calle te si no conoce - Tonto, the first pic is "Freighters", a weak spot. The second pic is Rinconcito, a weak spot. Almost everyone on
this site has them confused....poser is the same in all languages

By anonymous , 09-01-2006

directions - directions to this place are wrong, and the second pic is not rinconcito...

By anonymous , 18-11-2005

you guys don't know - none of these guys know what they are talking about. it goes from the north to the south starting with cuatro casas. then as you drive south you will hit shipwrecks (punta san jacinto). then further south you hit punta camalu. these are separate breaks so quit confusing them all with each other. although i have never been to rinconcito the surf report map shows it to be south of punta camalu. never drove down there because i was afraid of getting stuck.

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