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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By , 29-09-2004

Quatro Casas , Mex - There is now a place to stay a QUATRO CASAS . The owner
name is Richard. Has the hasstle. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him down their. Phone , e-mail, web-site. If so contact
Thank you

By anonymous , 16-09-2004

Over it! - Wetsuits stolen at night. Stories of dead bodies and car jackings. Mushy, powerless waves overwhelmed by HB Longboard kooks who paddle past you every time so they can sit deeper and rip off your wave.
Think I'll pass this suck ass spot up on my way south to better waves and vibes.

By matp in erendira , 04-08-2004

2 weeks ago on sunday - head to shoulder high 9 guys out no problems

By H.B. , 04-08-2004

What crowds? - I've been surfing out at CC's for about 2 years now, and I have never surfed it with more than 5 people out! Granted, we have a house down in San Quitin, so I'm not what you might call a "weekend warrior." But still, I just came back from surfing 5-6' perfect rights there, and for about 1 hour I was the only one out! And, YES, it was glassy for that hour. So just get some days off work and head down on some random day. Either that, or wait for the locals to go for a beer run ;)

By a bridge over troubled Fernando , 28-06-2004

Very Happy - Sorry that you are so sad, fernando. Do you get this sad when you see Mexicans leaving trash everywhere also? If you do, maybe you should go someplace where you will be more happy.

By Fernando, Santa Cruz , 28-06-2004

Very Sad... - You know, I think it's great sharing all this info on breaks, but I am DISCUSTED with the fact that Quatro Casas is now full of garbage. I've been going there (around the area at least) since I was 16, nearly 20 years now. Lately, I've been packing on an average of three FULL garbage bags of shit that others have left behind. For where the shoe fits, you should all be ashamed of yourselves for making this place a shit hole. Isn't the beauty of the land one of the main factors for visiting places like this? I just wonder if places like this should be left alone, and not publicized... it's gone beyond the mere crowded factor, and has gone to a serious issue of destroying a beautiful Country. I was devistated last year when I visited my vitual "home break" of San Jacinto aka little Shipwrecks" just to find a goddamn "surf camp" and a bunch of garbage. I spoke to the dude running it, and he claimed that he "spent time cleaning up". I think he needs some guidance on what cleaning up means. But enough of my tree hugging crap... P.S. I've caught QC EPIC (6+, 5 guys out) and also crappy,(3 foot wind mush) but I have ALWAYS had a good time.

By anonymous , 23-06-2004

leaving4casas - anyone know how long it takes to get from here to abreojos driving?

By Saint Biscuit , 06-05-2004

Worth while stop for a night - As in all Baja Norte. When it's good, it'll make you cry. But this place is getting a touch crowded. more glass tossed on the ground. etc... Fun, if you're simply into beer and don't give a crap.

By anonymous , 24-02-2004

skate pool - They are putting in a 8' deep kidney shaped skate pool at the hostel, who needs waves?

By anonymous , 04-12-2003

campo - The phone number listed below does work, just got done talking with Ricardo....
He has started a web page also:
and the restaurant is open tambien.

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