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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Old surf dawg from the East Coast , 22-11-2005

Quatro's is the place - I was blessed with 4 days of waves here at Quatros. Granted Kenny and Laird could not making it, but Johney F*cking Utah and the Old Man where ripping. The 4 cats from the CGA and I had an epic trip hanging with Richardo and his Familia. Damn the fish taco's were good. Made some quality friends and some lifelong memories. Look forward to "smokin so shitty pot" next year.

By The Franchise , 21-11-2005

Quit yo Whining - Keep whining about crowd levels, weakness of waves, and evil-doing locals, and you've branded yourself as a spoiled gringo who needs a sleeping-bag beating. The place is great; work on your Spanish, wear booties, enjoy Senora Stevens' (Rich's wife) great food, and hang with some close buds just beyond the boils till sunset. The waves are not crazy heavy without a good south swell, but easy long rides are there for the taking nearly everyday. Mind your manners and be thankful for the opportunity to surf--and you won't get banditoed ...Whiny gringos. Shout out to Johnny B!
BTW-Cuatro Casas (Richard Steven's) # is
or email

By anonymous , 16-10-2005

atascadero - Has anyone else ever gotten stuck going into this godforsaken place ? Ive gotten stuck I think maybe almost every time for close to thirty years some good waves too though .

By anonymous , 01-07-2005

Great Place to Chill - Cuatro Cutbacks!!! Seriously, sware to God on the bible. Some friends of mine from San Diego went on a trip there a couple years ago during memorial day weekend. After all the gringos left they had the place to themselves and one of them left to get their radiator patched in town. While he was gone a vanload of banditos pulled up with guns and started shoooting my friend's truck right in front of them. They took one of them into the tent and made him get into his sleeping bag headfirst in the heat of the day, then they put the shotgun up to his head and pulled the trigger, just missing his head. I saw the sleeping bag and the buckshot logged just above his ear, way gnarly! The other friend wasn't so lucky. They held him at gunpoint and put hot coals from the fire in his hands then made him close them and stomped on them, breaking his hands and giving him 3rd degree burns. He needs his hands to work and is now on permanent disability. Just a warning to anyone going there, look out for each other and never stay after everyone leaves!

By cuervo , 14-06-2005

say it ain't so, jose - Last week some local pangeros went out at low tide and blew up the reef looking for wet octopussies. Now the waves will not break anymore evermore for shore. They are putting a urchin factory that will ruin the water cloudiness. Baja closes the first day of summer and doesn't open until semen santa.

By anonymous , 02-06-2005

Cuatros still rocks..... - Still a great place to chill!We got there inbetween swells (of course) but still had a great time.Ya we surfed too.Seems to me if you get vibed at Cuatros you have to be a jackass.Anyway no worries here...go chill.

By cuervojoe , 07-04-2005

not real friendly - We camped across from Cuatro Casas and the American "Locals" there did not give us the nice fuzzy feeling that we were welcome. In fact, they didn't like us at all. My advice is to surf somewhere else and deal with the Mexicans. They were much friendlier and shared more waves with us.

By yerbamate , 17-03-2005

shame - its a fun waves, especially when a kid. good pointbreak to play around on. had some of the most memorable sessions of my life here, fun wave but nothing too exciting. nice place but way to crowded now. last time i was there it was small and there were about 24 poeple out. please if you come to baja help out and try to get involved in some conservation work. there is plenty to do and not hard to find...internet, wildcoast. fun place to camp though nice and unique. there used to be fish and lobster for sale and whtnot, but not so much anymore. its nice right after a loing rain. at least pick up your fucking trash, that is disgusting if yee dont, you should stay home if your that kind of person. watch out for the odd angry mutt y buena suerte con las olas y tengan respecto por la mar y baja y el mundo

By El colombiano , 16-12-2004

This is a Mediocre Wave - I surfed it many times in the early 80s and 90s both during the winter and summer. Sorry, but this is a mediocre wave at best. Here's the scenario (uncrowded of course): You take off thinking you're gonna get a good ride and then all of a sudden, it begins to section all over the place. Short little rides is the norm. I would recommend passing on this locale. I hope Inez and Maria are doing well though.

By been busted there , 01-10-2004

Federales - Careful of the puercos looking for taco money...

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