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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Anonymous , 28-07-2006

this place is very nice - Totally relaxing and peaceful. Safe, friendly and very chill.
I have been there for a Thanksgiving and also Memorial Day weekend. Both times were great.

By fag , 07-07-2006

dice que? - Surfing is all about hating, always has been. hate working, hate flatness, hate crowds, hate waking up early, hate fat chicks, hate boogers, hate dings, hate sharks, hate onshores, hate cold water, hate everything and everyone.
Sex is a different thing all together.

By Peench , 06-07-2006

haters! - What is the matter with all you haters out there? If you are typing this email in English you are not a Mexican local so shut your hole. Surfing is about having a good time, not bringing a bad attitude.

By slshore , 15-06-2006

just got back - TO anyone who is considering traveling here, there is a hostel right on the break now. it's called the cuatro casas Intl surf Hostel phone 011-52(616)165-0010
email richard at
the pricing is just like coyote cals up the road.
the surf was really fun, but very kelpy as we found up and down the coast. do not camp on the point unless you want to get robbed, camp at the hostel and pay the $5.00 per night. Oh they also have a great skate pool for you skate boarders.

By anonymous , 27-05-2006

mush burguer - been there , on all swells,completely sucks,4,5 foot,breaks different ways depending the swell,but always weak and mush,we didn't even made the paddle out total waist of time...perfect for those haoles faggs cooks who have house in front of it,and think they are locals,good to see then stuck on that shit.go back to your home countries,idiots.the american guy who has the camping and his mexican wife were great,her food was great,too.

By PBglider1960 , 26-05-2006

once again... - once again... all you assholes are headed for Casas for the Holiday weekend... let's crowd up the shitty spots... why make the extra effort to find new waves... they're all over Baja. Just drive a little further... or closer. Most of the "CREW" from up North has no clue even where to look. Now dead "Harry's" was a secret for how long???? Why don't all you longboarding kooks from Huntington just stay home... besides... the "CLIFF DWELLERS" ... might just throw your car over the bluff... on fire... like some damn moped !!!! Hint.. there's a spot 83 Kilometers down the road... wind protected... picks up most swells... there you go... a clue

By anonymous , 05-04-2006

Can get fun - Surfed there around 1995 - long fun rights for 4 days straight with maybe 8 other guys in tha water max. It was about as good as the place gets, I imagine. Went back a year ago same size swell, but breaking kinda wierd and 40+ surf guys camped around there. Oh well, I got a great memory, but I won't go back

By PBglider , 16-02-2006

you should have been here yesterday... - you should have been here yesterday. If you like surfing with 50 of your old, fat longboarding buddies from Huntington... have a great time. Given that fact... and having to deal with the assholes who have places there. Camping on the cliff in the windblown dirt and trash... this shit-hole is really worth missing. If you must bring your sorry ass to Baja... keep heading south for some real waves... besides, it's all destined to be a marina soon!!!!

By Matt Maguire , 08-02-2006

Quatro Casas SK8boarding - I stayed @ the Quatro Casas Hostel over Christmas. I had a blast Skating the Show Bowl. The best backyard bowl I have ever sk8ed. Richard the Owner is super cool and really makes you feel at home. I suggest you get a group of your surf/skate/regular friends and do a group trip to Quatro Casas. Camp or Hostel...

By A-non , 31-12-2005

4 casas - Been there 3 times now. North/ West/Northwest and south swells. It sucks and it's kind of sketchy. Totally Flat or huge with no organization and super sensitive to the wind. I don't have any knowledge of the reef being blown up or the glory days of the 80's. But it was a huge waste of time and energy and two different people insisted that I needed to pay them and not the other person to camp there. The wind is cold as balls at night. I have been to all the other spots off the road at san telmo and never seen great waves. Fuck this place...

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