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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Charles , 15-06-2007

So Surfer Magazine Surf Report mag is wrong - I have a copy of the "Surf Report" magazine from Surfer and it states: Punta Colonet to Camalu is a swell magnet. Receiving swells from north west and south. Also local wind swells. So I guess that they are "wrong"? No its just lame brain surfers who think they know everything better than anyone else. My experience the people that put down spots are not consitant surfers, more like weekend warriors. I first surfed here 14 years ago and keep coming back. Sure the outside on small days is more like a longboard wave with the inside at "arches" has a little more juice. If you want to catch this spot, check it the next day after a hugh wind storm. Theres always something there. And if you think this place is always flat compared to anywhere else in this neck of the woods. Go online to Google Earth. You can zoom in and see quatro and adjacent places breaking close by. The places north of it and much much south on the same satalite pic shows smaller surf and pretty windy.

By Miguel , 15-06-2007

Who is this el Gringo greaser - Stay away from Baja El Gringo. You don't like to surf here. Good, we don't like you either. You must come down here when we have no surf all the time. Ha ha ha. The gods do not favor you too much. Stay in Chula Vista with your gringo amigos.

By Pinto cup , 15-06-2007

El Gringo is el puto - Sorry I was referring to Quatro Casa. I just left a message regarding Punta Cabs and I got mixed up. The point is dim wit that Quatro and Camalu area is a swell magnet. Dont' believe me ask Jose the fisherman that lives there and gives out lobsters. Everytime I'm there (during a swell El Gringo, see I check the charts before I leave home), Jose always tells us, you should of seen it last week. Too big to go out in boat. Sure, it can get gutless and flat, just like the rest of the coast. I only went down one time without checking the forecast and we "still" got fun 3-4 surf from a local windswell. So if anyone wants to belive El Gringo, be my guest.

By El Gringo Kid , 05-06-2007

I'm talking Casas not Cabras. - I'm talking about Quatro Casas, not Punta Cabras. What are you dyslexic? They are spelled differently. I wasn't talking about Punta Cabras. Last I checked Punta Cabras is well to the north of this area. Check your maps, or maybe take a Baja Geography 101 class. Anyway, I admit that there is a lot of kelp in the Quatro Casa area, that helps keeps the wind down, but the area between Colonet and Camalu is still gutless. I stand by my statement. It's brown, glassy and gutless 98% of the time. If other people reading this don't believe me, then they should go there and find out for themselves. I guarantee, they'll be cursing the name of Pinto Cup.

By Pinto Cup , 30-05-2007

El Gringo is El Stupido - Yeah, El Gringo, you missed one thing though. This whole stretch of coast is a magnet for any swells. Sure some of the points might be weak on any average swell, but the same or much less will be going on up in Cal bro. I left on a trip where it was flat in all of So Cal. After 6 hours on the road, we drive through the tomatoe patches and kids, hit the coast. It's hollowing 35 knot winds straight onshore. We drive up the coast to Cabras and its smoking 5-6 and perfect and offshore/sideshore. SCOARED HOMEY!!! Just three guys in the water. Luck of the draw? No where else was even surfable in all that wind. But Cabras took it "all in" and whipped it up to a nice reeling right all the way in. I guess though if that sounds to wimpy for you El Gringo, stay in the states!

By El Gringo Kid , 19-05-2007

Chupacabra Country - This whole stretch of coast, from Colonet to Camalu has shallows way offshore that slow the swells way down. The tide has to be full moon high-tide so the swell can get over the shallows. Weak and gutless. A longboard wave. Just thinking about the waves makes me sleepy. Goodnight. One thing that is pretty exciting though, is the occasional sighting of the fabled "Chupacabra". It's a weird creature that shows up at night on full moons. Part vampire, part extra-terrestrial. I've never actually seen it, but on one trip I heard it in the middle of the night. It was the scariest sound I ever heard! In the morning there was teeth marks in my surfboard. The teeth marks were way to big for a coyote. It's no joke. Just ask the local Mexicans, they'll tell ya. Keep your tent zipped and one eye open!

By Anonymous , 31-01-2007

Fun times! - Spent a weekend at this break. Great fun. I had no run-ins with any thieves but I've heard some stories of federales and car break-ins. I would travel in a group and stay close to each other. As for the break, we got lucky and caught a good swell. The break to the right was like a machine, it may not be as good as the other breaks in baja but still beats most San Diego breaks. There is also another break that hits near the cliffs just left of the steps.

The guy that lives at the nearby house sells firewood and also during lobster season he catches some every morning. Be ready to have a great dinner after an all-day surf session. This isn't the easiest place to find but if you get lucky with the swell, a great fun place to camp and just have fun with friends.

By Jbird , 05-11-2006

Where to stay Near Quatro Casas? - After reading the posts about getting robbed camping at Rincinto, I was wondering if there are any hostels or hotels near this break? Is the camping here unsafe as well?

By Murf , 12-09-2006

Peench is right - Yeah, I've always had a blast at Quatro's. Been there a few times and scored everytime. Some days were small, but clean, and some days it CRANKED. I love the inside "arches" on a peaky swell. Be irie and surf ... bra's.

By Anonymous , 20-08-2006

how long is the drive - How many hours south of the border is Quatro Casas?

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