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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By El Gringo , 14-08-2007

Show Photographic Proof! - If you are offended by my realistic opinion about the weakness of waves Cuatro Casas, then maybe your problem is deeper. Maybe you're pissed because I called B.S on your years of exaggerations about how "epic" you got it at Cuatro Casas. All your "you really missed it" surf stories that you foisted upon your gullible friends back home are nothing but a bunch of crap. It's one thing to bend the truth about your "awesome" surf trips, but it's beyond kookism to actually start believing your own lies. All those surf sessions and you never got a photo of a classic 6 foot point wave? Don't bother posting more lame insults. How about posting PHOTOGRAPHIC PROOF! You can't....dead silence...

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

Sour Grapes - Sounds to me like someone has been skunked more times then once. Isn't that the truth El Gringo. Why is it that you keep coming back here year after year, what did you say.... since the late 70's? Sorry that you are so unfortunate. Maybe you can do better planning and come on down here when there is a freakin swell and have fun like the rest of us. Or you can stay in Costa Mesa with your El Gringo buddies.

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

No surf here? - Surfed there a few months ago when "all" of So Cal was flat, including most of baja. It was really windy and blown out at La fondas and La Salina on the way down and about 1-2 foot only. After the long haul we made it to the Quatro and it was a super fun 4-5 and a little bowley on the inside. Now this place isn't "super" by any means but it can handle the wind and make something pretty good out of typical howling onshores down here. To our amazement the surf was jamming. Don't expect surf down in this neck of the woods without first checking to see if there is a swell coming or if a local wind swell is hitting. But don't let the losers like El Gringo and his pawns scare ya. Inez the caretaker of the property will tell you the best times to hit this spot. He also catches fresh fish, crab and lobster twice a week.

By Anonymous , 10-08-2007

What a loser - Like I said El Gringo, total loser. Putting words in my mouth make you sound like a cheap ass surfer from Ohio. Hey you want to meet up and discuss personally, come on up to the South Bay and ask for me. Heck, sorry if you only caught this area small. Like I said before it may be because you have to have someone proof your typing or do if for you. Please keep sounding off like a jerk. By the way, does it have to break 6-8 to be a fun place to surf? Loser number one: El Gringo and friends

By Anonymous , 01-08-2007

South of the Point - I'm 99% sure that the port is going to be built in the big bay to the south of the point, ala Killer Dana, but way bigger. On the west coast, they usually build marinas and ports in the southern shadow of points. Why fight the California current? It makes sense from an engineering standpoint. R.I.P

By Anonymous , 19-07-2007

hey el gringo kid - when you say the bay below, you mean to the south? i heard that the new port was going to be built to the north.

By El Gringo Kid , 23-06-2007

Plans for Megaport in Colonet - Not to change the subject, but even if Cuatro Casas isn't my favorite wave, I am still concerned that this point break might be on the hit list by the Mexican government. Mexico plans on building a massive megaport in the bay below Cabo Colonet which undoubtedly will affect Cuatros Casas. The port will be built in partnership with the Chinese goverment shipping conglomerate (Cosco) and will be a massive alternative to the congested port of Long Beach/Los Angeles. A rail line will be built linking the Colonet Megaport to Mexicali over the mountains so cargo from Asia can be quickly moved through Mexico and into the U.S. They estimate that the cargo capacity of this new Colonet megaport will dwarf that of Long Beach/L.A. Since the size of the port area of Long Beach is about 6 miles long by 5 miles wide, and it's only 4.5 miles from Cuatro Casas to the tip of Colonet, one can only assume that Cuatro Casas will cease to exist as a surf spot. Along with breakwaters,freight processing facilities and railway yards,a city of 200,00 inhabitants is anticipated to develop overnight around the port. Great for the Mexican economy, bad for Mexican surf spots. I'm almost sorry I ever said anything bad about Cuatro Casas.

By Sherlock Homey , 20-06-2007

Another case of All-timers Disease - Hey Pinto Cup. If your'e such a local then why did it take you 6 hours to get to Cuatro Casas? By my estimation, that would put your hometown somewhere around Huntington Beach.

By Baja Vet , 20-06-2007

The Proof is in the Photos - I have to agree with el Gringo kid. The proof is in the photos...It's usually mushy and slow between Colonet and Camalu. Big swells bounce around and cloud break and mush way out on the outer lobster reefs. The only time I ever saw a photo of this area in a Surf Mag was in a late sixties. It was a travel piece with Robert August and crew exploring the area. There were photos of them surfing Cuatros at a typically piddly 3 foot with a bunch of pigs on the beach. They also surfed a left reef between Cuatros and Freighters and they named it Robert's Left. It's a longboard area, nothing more. I challenge anyone to produce a photo of the Quatro/Freighters/Camalu area with somebody actually riding a clean, blue, 6-8 foot, overhead point-wave.

By El Gringo Kid , 20-06-2007

I'm right, you're wrong. - Yes, Surfer Magazine surf report is wrong! They can be wrong. They're only human, and a lot of the time they are just working with rumors and hearsay, just like you! If the waves are so epic in the area, then why are you bragging about it? So more people will show up? If it was really all that great, then you would try to keep it under wraps. I don't get it.
P.S. Pinto Cup, How can you have internet access, and at the same time still have a pit toilet? Amazing! Ha Ha

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