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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Quatro casas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By El Gringo Kid , 16-11-2007

Cuatros Sucks - Yeah, I've surfed this area off and on since 1977, and over the years I've heard a lot of bad stories and rumors of robberies, rapes, petty thefts and shakedowns. The area between Cuatros and El Soccorro has always been sketchy but now the area is way too dangerous for gringo campers in nice vehicles. Most of the waves in this area are pretty weak anyway.
Good riddance. I'm sure Pinto is happy to hear this, as he sits on his pit toilet, with his lap top on his lap and looks out through the crack in the cardboard door and watches empty 2 foot brown slop gurgle up the trash strewn beach. Pinto, you can have it! Bring on the Megaport!

By Anonymous , 14-11-2007

Beware of this shithole - Nice camping spot!!! check out what happened to Pat Weber.
Theft at gunpoint after a shot was fired into his motorhome AND sexual assault on his girl

By El Gringo Kid , 13-11-2007

Crap Wave - Ha Ha Ha ha. Idiots!I'm gonna laugh when they plow your weak wave under, when they put in the Colonet Megaport.

By Marvel , 12-11-2007

Anyone down here when the big NW hit? - I was north in Los Gaviotas and it was mega big on Sunday October 20 with the combo sw and nw. Did anyone surf this neck of the woods then. I heard it was even bigger down around Camalu?

By Anonymous , 08-11-2007

El Gringo is a Liar!! - Picture 4 is Ronald Fitch of Nor-Cal. We all got drunk and were doing coffins on everything. Hey Gringo wimp, got any more bullshit stories going around?

By Pinto Cup , 28-09-2007

I Rip Cuatros - Anyway, photo number 4 is mine! And it shows me taking off on the most critical section of the wave. Most of the time I don't make it to my feet because Cuatro Casas is just way too steep and hollow. But usually I rip.

By El Gringo Kid , 22-09-2007

Nice Try - Nice try,Pinto. Photo number 5 proves nothing. There are no landmarks to prove this wave is actually at Cuatro Casas, so the photo is probably NOT Cuatros Casas! Ha! Anyway if it is, it's breaking way out on the shifty outside reefs and you probably paddled and chased the line-up for hours. Oh yeah... that's right, you did. Have a nice paddle.

By Anonymous , 19-09-2007

Awesome waves - Surfed here last year on a cranken NW/SW combo. The inside was definitely the best by Arches. It was overcast most the trip but the waves were smokin. That El Gringa homo is an idiot. Anyone who visits, please stop by Inez's and leave-em a cervesa.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2007

- So over the weekend I camped 2 or maybe 3 miles south of the hostel to avoid the crowd. We camped on a point that had head high and overhead high rights breaking fairly far off the coast I think they might call this spot roberts but I am not sure. paddled out at this spot but stuck to the inside cause it looked like the far outsiders tossed you onto a reef. Anyone know were I am talking about or have surfed it before? If so whats the bottom like?

By El Gringo Kid , 18-08-2007

Still Waiting - What's wrong Pinto Cup? Did you lose your "epic" photos? Ha Ha...classic.

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