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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Punta san jose

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Grady , 08-08-2010

Punta San Diego - Pretty sure that shark story is bogus, have talked to many people that have been frequenting Punta San Jose since the early 70's and none have mentioned a shark problem. Of course there are sharks, as in any ocean, and the reef(s) sits just east of where the fisherman clean their catch, so who knows...

Overall this is a great spot, the only possible minus is its proximity to San Diego, which means you will definitely not be the only ones there. Thanks to the the US and Mexican governments though, an ensuing narco war has kept most potential travelers at home.

There's three main peaks, all of them fun. There's one way outside, just past the headland and fishing village, one closer inside, and then the ledge which is the only high performance wave here. On the right tide it gets somewhat hollow and really reels. The other two peaks are more or less mush burgers, but on big days the ledge and the middle peak can connect, on HUGE days all three will connect for some truly epic rides.

The people who frequent this spot would like to keep it nice for as long as possible, so always take everything you came with, be nice to the locals, and pay Victor when he comes to collect (he owns all the land here). Also, don't get too loaded at night, its SO easy to walk right off the 100 Ft+ cliffs that are steps from your tent. People have done it before.

By Anonymous , 17-01-2010

- Watch out for the dogs when you are heading to and from the lineup!!!!!

By Anonymous , 09-04-2009

Shark Attack!!!! - I was just recently at punta San Jose. My friend and I(Both Fire/Medics) went down for the week. We were there about 30 min decide for a go out. It was about 7pm. I was surfing off the shelf got one wave and paddled for a second. Just as I was starting to get into the wave, I was all of a suddon off my board(dont know why) I felt a slight tug on my leg and got rolled by the wave. It was low tide so I stood on the reef in about 2ft of water. I looked at my thigh as it stung and I felt a surge of warmth. Oh Sh## I was lacerated in two spots of my inner thigh to the bone really close to the femoral arterty. I ran to the car and my buddy followed. Thankfully I carry a good medic bag. He put on a pressure dressing and started an IV. I didnt go into shock cus of our fast action and fluid replacement. The shark attack was quick like lightning. But needless to say the smallest part of the ordeal. 5hrs later, 6 military checkpoints and a border crossing I found myself at UCSD in surgery getting multiple layers of sutures. I am totaly fine now 3wks later. Thanks to the fast action of my friend Zeke and the trauma staff at ucsd. By the way never saw the shark but it was probably 5 or 6 foot. I am thinking possibly a bonita shark. So If you surf here watch out and carry the right equiptment it may save your life.

By sunny , 19-10-2007

i know this will upset someone...sorry! - Definately not a secret spot! Been there too many times and probably will head back. The trick to this place is a good size south southeast hurricane swell. Don't even bother with the top of the point, basically a longboard wave. Go straight to the Ledge (further inside). The ledge is a good shallow barrel. Breaks all the way into the next cove. Like I said, only a good size sse swell with lite north winds.
The drive is long and dusty. There is absolutely nothing around. The night is dark. dont even set up a tent because most likely it will get blown down. be cool to the fishermen (they live there with their families), make sure to pay the man(apparently he owns all the land and the cattle as far back to where the road turns inland) and watch out for the shark ( i have seen it 3 times before, but never any problems, yet!)
If you are ready for that and you can be humble when you're down there...enjoy.
There are some people who come here all the time and for many years, most likely you will know who they are, show respect to them as well, screw it show respect to everyone, you could get killed down there.

By rvrbarnacle , 07-06-2007

blah - drink beer surf have a good time with your friends and relax...thats all there is to it. the waves can be fun if the swell and tide is right i suggest following the swell rather than waste a long trip. no bad experiences for me friendly guys comes and collects money and will have a few laughs with you he will bring basic supplies too but you will pay a gringo tax for the convienence.

By , 11-04-2007

baja - if you get your shit stolen your stoopid... take care of your shit and dont worry about it... I would trust most people in mex before I trust people in the mainland... aloha

By Matt G , 04-01-2007

the party continues - I had a near theft experience at the point in the early 80s. Rainy night. Next morning, wetsuit missing. Only other car on the point was a non-surfing Mexican National. Asked him if he had my wetsuit, he said no. Asked him if it was ok to seach his car, he said yes. In the trunk underneath the floorboard where the spare is kept, low and behold, my wetsuit. Asked him how it got there, he said he had no idea. Funny and pathetic at the same time. Could not help but feel bad for the poor sod. Sounds like nothing has changed and maybe worse. Some call it Gringo tax. Whatever.

By Anonymous , 02-01-2007

Theft - I've been there twice and got ripped off both times. Not going back. descent waves

By Everyone surfs in the same ocean! Share. , 20-10-2006

beat it kooks - San Diego knows all about all these spots don't act like they are secret. wanna go to some secret spots take a serious trip somewhere and quit bitchin about the crowds in Baja, California

By Anonymous , 16-10-2006

- shut up and do ur homework if u wanna go. dont be like that and ask. and who put this place on this thing anyway? it didnt used to be here...common guys take this spot off this site its a sick spot dont let it get spoiled

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