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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Punta san carlos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 14-06-2004

- does this place ever glass off? I heard it just blows all day long

By anonymous , 25-05-2004

depends on the wind - Great point break, plus Chili Bowls more into the bay. Both are really long rights. Not much of a shortboard spot and extremely windy by mid morning. Be ready to surf at as the sun rises, then drink beer all day until the next morning when the wind has died. Extremly fun and long rides when there is no wind. Longboards, fish, eggs, preferable. Most travelers primarily windsurf, but also seem to longboard.

By nervous but excited , 10-03-2004

um... im beggining so... can I surf here? - First off, im 14, a girl, and just now making the transition from longboarding to shortboarding. (please. dont give me a hard time, im just asking for some advice) My family and the family of a friend of mine (who is just starting surfing as well) are planning a road trip to baja sometime during the summer. Frankly I'm a little worried about it because, obviously i don't know if my skill level is up for baja yet, so im kind of freaking out. Thats why im on this website, to check out some spots. We'd also like to stay away from crowds, but that may be unavoidable. Do you think it would be possible for me to surf at Punta San Carlos, or is it too advanced? If so, can you give me some ideas? I'm going to end up going, but i'd like to have a good time, rather than sitting and watching the sets roll by. So, please, can you help me out?

By , 23-01-2004

San Carlos - This place is an epic windsurfing spot. Ive been twice and the first time had nothing but good head high surf for 3 days with glass conditions. Then the wind started and didnt stop for another 3 days (day and night it howled).

the second time I was there it resembled Big Sur summer weather. Mostly windy with some morning glass (occasionally).

In short this place is not worth the drive, the dust and dirt unless you've packed a sailboard. BTW it is a world class sailing spot. Hard side offshore winds (emphasis on offshore) combined with a really good point break. I got it once on an offshore hurricane swell with mast high waves that went on forever. I cant think of anywhere else in the world where sailing back up wind after a long ride is not feasible. It was easier to walk back for the car on some occasions. Definately worth the trips.

By , 04-12-2003

school - i think this site should have more info about the Punta san Carlos......i really need info about it for a project

By anonymous , 04-12-2003

school - i think this site should have more info about the Punta san Carlos......i really need info about it for a project

By , 14-08-2003

MAG BAY SURFING - What does a 1-2 foot wetsand report translate to @ Mag By. Hopefully a couple of feet bigger? I am going next weeek.

By surf4life , 07-08-2003

very consistent - Not the most powerful wave, but extremely fun. Been 5 times and never been skunked with less than head high sets. Wind is on it by late morning, so surfing is best from the crack of dawn till the wind starts.

By anonymous , 14-07-2003

windsurfing - never seen any wind surfers but and dont understand why either. Baja always seems to have 20-30 mph winds in afternoon.

By , 14-06-2003

windsurfing mecca! - Yes there are waves here BUT if you don't windsurf or kitesurf don't waste your time.
It blows 24/7 20 to 30 knots plus!
It is the maui of baja. Epic windsurfing. Sometimes fun for surfing.

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