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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Punta san carlos

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Eric , 04-01-2008

Pt San Carlos - Been going there for 7 years primarily to windsurf, but have scored many sweet surf sessions. Check the swell forecast before you go, it works best on a West or Southwest but basically holds any type of swell. Long and mushy fun. Here some video of our trip in 2006. We spent the majority of our time surfing, not windsurfing.

By Anonymous , 22-06-2007

- This whole stretch of coast on that dirt road sucks. I have gone down there over 30 times hoping to score and havie never even come close. I would strongly advise staying away from this stretch of coast coast.

By BajaChuck , 22-05-2007

Horrible! - Thats a Horrible story but if you are not careful down there anything can and will happen, I have heard some awful stories in my years of traveling down there and that one ranks right up there, I all can say be well preparred and be very carefull at all times and remember DONT DRIVE AT NIGHT DOWN THERE!!!

By El Gringo Kid , 15-05-2007

Road of Death - A long dirt road in the middle of no where. A friend of mine went down there a few years back with his girlfriend and another couple. One night his girlfriend left the campfire to take a pee and ended up walking off the cliff in the dark. They found her dead on the rocks below. They had to stuff her in a board bag and strap her to roof of the car, as the other guys girlfriend was crying and freaking out. They decided to have the other girl drive back with a concerned Canadian couple. About ten miles out of San Quentin, the Police stopped the two guys."Hmmm? Two gringos with a dead girl strapped to the roof of their car?". They are still in a mexican jail to this day.

By anonymous , 21-03-2006

Suckie - This road suuucks and it was super blown out- yet the wind even sucked for the windsurfers who were bitchin too. Drive south for better spots

By , 01-01-2006

long roads - this is the best place in the entire coastal area.Winter and summer swells. Be prepared to thrash your car.So it gets windy by noon,isnt 3 or 4 hours of good wind and waves enough? If not then wind surf it. More ridable surf here than pretty much anywhere until northern baja north of ensenada. Please leave it cleaner than when you came.

By , 14-04-2005

all kinds of conditions - I've been coming here since 1990 and seen this place in all kinds of conditions from huge over-mast high waves to flat calm -almost always windy though. If you hear Santa Anas in the forcast, plan your trip around them - they ripped the doors off the van once!! Now there is even a windsurfing shop on the point that sells EZZY and RRD gear for cheap. If you windsurf you can't go wrong here. It is also really good surfing but you are limited till about noon before the wind starts howling. The down side is that many people know about the spot now and the days of getting it to yourself or with a couple other campers are over...

By dirt and dead things , 22-02-2005

Dirt everywhere !! - I slept with rocks in my tent, didn't come out for three days it blew so hard, stayed until the beer ran out. not worth the two hour dirt road from hell!!way better spots to the south

By anonymous , 20-12-2004

anonymous - I am planning a trip to san carlos in April to windsurf. Does anyone know what the wind and swell is doing in April? As well, I might be dragging a couple of surfer/ non windsurfers along. Would Punta Abreojos be a better option. What is the wind/wave like there in April?

By addicted to ptsancarlos , 25-08-2004

learn to windsurf - Been 5 times mainly to windsurf but I always bring my hybrid 7'6 surfboard. This last May we caught a solid swell, 6-10 feet with freight train rights for 300, and basically surfed until our ribs hurt. Yeah, it's gets blown out by 10am but then you get to windsurf for the rest of the day.

If you windsurf and surf it's one of the best spots in the world. If your only surfing, breakdown learn something new, you'll find that you have many more options.

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