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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Punta cabras

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Big Boob Lucy , 13-03-2005

Thanks Fly - 15 to 20 huh? Wow. I believe it. Close outs? Double wide need an m-80 times 4000. Just kidding.
See ya

By The Fly , 07-03-2005

The Doublwide is still there - I didnt see any big sharks when I was there the last week of February. The surf was awesome the first two days off the north point then the swell changed direction and was closing out at 15 to 20 feet the whole rest of the week

By Big boob Lucy , 28-02-2005

I saw a 15 foot shark - right off the outside boil next to the double wide on the cliff. Get that thing out of here you jerk

By anonymous , 28-11-2004

resonable beach break when all else fails - can be a nice alternative if everywhere else sucks. other than that, it's a nice place to camp.

By Erendira Crew , 20-11-2004

kook who dropped a double wide on the cliff - Can anyone verify that jerk is still there with the double wide house on the cliff? That was so depressing to roll up and see the place blighted like that. C'mon this aint Santee or Lakeside.

By Simon Dollman True Surfer , 12-03-2004

Darren Parsonault Surfer? unlikely - Once I was checking it at Tourmaline in PACIFIC BEACH. I was really checking the point out, but anyway back to the story. It was really blown out about two feet . No one is out but this guy in a neon yellow wetsuit desperatly paddling agianst a non existant current. The kid nearly drowned it was pretty embarrassing. Thank God ther was this ten year old girl on the beach with a long board who saved him. It turned out he was a man (kinda) when I asked his name he said very out of breath Darren Parsonault. I couldn't help but think to my self man it must suck to be him

By D-Dog , 12-03-2004

The Legend Simon - One time Simon was down at Tourmaline in La Jolla, and the surf was HUGE. Like 2 - 4 feet. Simon was scared but some after some 12 year olds made fun of him he tried to paddle out. He didn't make it, but at least he tried. Probably cause he rides an 11'2" that's 5" thick. It's a really nice board, only 15 years old and has only buckled twice.

By anonymous , 12-03-2004

D-Dog - It's cool though cause at night he drinks a gallon of tequila and plays guitar for everyone. He knows like 3 chords and wrote the hit single "Never Gonna Tap that Ass Again". I heard FAT EQUALS FLAVOR rocked La Fonda last year.

By the dumbass @ almejas , 06-03-2004

no title - You can continue to "not bother" coming. It does get good - you just showed when it sucked. Everywhere sucks sometimes. Especially Erendira. I've been thru that town 25 times and have never even seen it break. Here's to taking a dump in the sand dunes....

By anonymous , 01-03-2004

Dont Bother - It was a waste of time surfing there. Not worth the trip.

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