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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Matt , 26-04-2005

- Wow, it was a little surreal reading references to the barge (which broke up and washed away in what, 1977?), south beach (the sweet smell of sewage), the jetty,... hey, what about pelicans? As a kid I spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours sitting in the water on a boogie board in Popotla. I can remember so many summer days with absolutely no waves at all. Ah, but come winter... I think it had more to do with escaping the parents than catching waves. Anybody remember the arch? - I heard it collapsed. What about volleyball on north beach before the sand washed away? How about hiking to the mesa and taking the shortcut through the tunnel? Spear fishing in the kelp beds off the jetty? Abalone fry on labor day weekend? What ever happened to Penny?

I'd give a surf review but my data are 25 years old. I'm in SF now where the biggest difference is that the surf threatens your life every time you enter the water. Maybe some day I'll go back and check it out.

By , 26-10-2004

popotla surf - The bar and restaurant are now closed, the barge still breaks left. South beach is hit and miss. Haven't seen Steve Star in ages.I've surfed there for 30 years now.Doug Ellsworth says hello to all I've surfed and drank with in Popotla!

By The Sickness! , 22-09-2004

WATCH THE DROP! - your going to leave a message about it being a private break, your right! yet have the balls to say who you are! Go Big! or don't go!I want to shout out to Steve Star, Kennedy, Vega, Kline and Baker, guys who ripped this place 20 years ago. suds and good times! and still nail it harder today! Chris Roath

By anonymous , 25-08-2004

Teenagers with Machine Guns - Watch out for the militarios who like to frequent the trailer park with loaded weapons. They are rather unhappy and like to search through campsites at random especially when you are out in the surf. Bring extra cash just for them. The place is fickle, very tide dependent and closes out on bigger days. I have checked it several times and more often than not drove back to BM or continued to Taco Surf.

By anonymous , 13-01-2004

not breaking - The beach has been washed out due to the removal of the kelp beds. The restaurant and bar are now closed. I've been surfing there for 25 years and now I usually surf Baja Malibu (north of Rosarito)Yes, you can find better places.

By anonymous , 08-12-2003

popotla - popotla is a private community whose residents pay to keep it that way. so stay away from our break

By Cal boy , 28-07-2003

can you say hassel??? - Hard to find and just so to time the conditions.Tough parking, break-ins etc...Too fickle to bother if your on a short trip. I've wasted so much time on trips around the world looking for BS spots. the only good thing is the fishing village.Get dinner and go home!

By ewing2surf , 09-06-2003

Just off the free road - Popotla. For years we looked for a giant empty lot with 2 weird white arches at the entrance. Now it's just south of the Studio lot where the Titanic was filmed. If you look closely you can see it breaking in the Film. Back in 1978 I surfed a Right in the middle of the bay on the reef straight off the old pier at 15 feet. There's a cool restaurant right in front of the break. Eat and watch the surfing kind of like Monuments in Cabo.

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