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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playas de tijuana

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Anonymous , 15-10-2010

hola - disculpen queria saver si en playas puedo usar mi skimboard es que apenas empesare y pues tengo una victoria skimboard wood clasic xl y pues queria saver si puedo montar olas!

By werosurfer O.T BEACH , 27-05-2010


By oscar , 07-06-2009

Kamala - i grew up surfing Bardita Beach ,i lived a few blocks from there and have great memories from that place,great waves and nice people,now i live in san diego and the waves aren't as good up here...i surf P.B. and O.B. this days because the border wait is too long

By jon stoned , 17-12-2005

playas - playas is not the best place for surfing but is ok, sometimes is really polluted, you can even taste it in the water, and sometmes is realy small, but it has clean big days and if you happen to be near the spot, its really grate

By O.T. Beach local , 03-11-2005

playas local - forget about the runoff that was back in the days, goverment do a lot for this beaches now at days.

i've been living here for 30 years and surfed most of my life in this waters and it aint bad, surf's good when the swell is right, the place by the white apartments is called O.T. beach, theres is also Matadero further south and Bardita downthere also. there are worst polluted spots in the U.S.

By Baja Margie coming to you LIVE from SADM , 27-07-2005

P.S. - on the opposite most southern end of Playas is a very groovy left, don't know it's name. A fun wave for us oldtimers.

By Baja Margie coming to you live from SADM , 27-07-2005

Actually - Senor surfo 39 is correct. The water here is not as dirty as you might like to think. The Plant at Punta Bandera & SADM treat the water, it goes back into the ocean, but wayyyyy out then north, far beyond the breaks at Playas. the current then takes it North, where, ha ha on you guys, it ends up in Imperial Beach. So, a myth destroyed by the stroke of a pen. Actually, the worst pollution occurs at the State Park and the Sloughs. Whooooweee anybody ever do the Sloughs? And again, Senor was correct, yes, its polluted after a rain storm, but show me any beach anywhere on the coast that isn't after a storm. Whatever, you guys just stay away and we'll handle the waves.

By , 13-05-2005

to all the surfers - look playas does not sew run offs only when theres rain so dont tell other people what you dont know about this place see by your self dont get fooled around its good on changin tides and south sweell is the best for this place joust drive by and ask for palillo he will take care of you.UUUUUUU no saben que pedo con playas esta bueno cuando esta el cambio de mareas y cuando hay swell del surf es cuando c pone mejor asi que cuando quieran vennir dense una vuelta aqui los esperamos son bienvenidos todos

By anonymous , 24-02-2005

no way.... - You may as well surf in a toilet....This place is disgusting.....Just super dirty....Don't ever bother with this place you will get sick

By anonymous , 19-02-2005

- Very bold to go surf here with all the sewage and all. If you have a recent Hep A shot and want to save the gas needed to drive another 20km to BM's be my guest.

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