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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anon , 27-07-2003

To clear it all up... - Aqua, Matt G, and BTDTM have got it most definately, I think for sure, that they are right. Right south of Klafai is a dirt road going left under the Toll road(over pass) and up there is the longest wave in the area that is always glassy. It goes both ways and never closes out. You can take off as far back as you want too! one prerequisite: Bring a broom.

By ewing2surf , 09-06-2003

Gnarly! - Leo Carillo on steroids! Except, a very SHORT right that bowles in front of a sharp shallow reef. You actually ride directly into the exposed rocks that usually submerge as the swell moves across. Tight takoff, a few scary moments, one cutback then the wave backs off. This little rocky cove is at the top of Calfia Point. Closes out when surf gets good. This wave is not "world class" but the main point break in front of the Resturant is.

By baja_been_der_done_dat , 07-06-2003

This spot is really in my bathtub! - Come check it out. Eat some shrooms and you'll see it to.

By ~silver , 14-05-2003

~thanks for real deal~ - hey thanks for the head up about this spot and the surrounding area. Planning a camping trip down there this weekend or by the end of MAY. Is there any place to pull of the road or any designated camping spots? your help is appreciated. Always looking for a good left! =)

By anonymous , 23-04-2003

The real deal - This spot sounds like Bus stops located just south of Klafia hotel on the point.The right brakeing wave on the point is called Kalifa for obvious reasons this wave is ladin with rocks i have never surfed it. It looks and is dangerous on most swells. Just south brakeing below the cliffs is bus stops a right hand reef that is fun. just south of that is a small beach break and south of that is a strange left reef break i have also never surfed. Find the hotel on the point and you will easly find all of thease spots they are all road side and see lots of traffic.

By Agua , 21-03-2003

Popmusharito - Nicely stated Matt. His spot is so wrong, err..I mean right, no left. Oh well, Baja can be fun. Siii.

By Matt G , 20-03-2003

info mish-mash - Robert Smith's description of this spot is discombobulated and incorrect at best.Take a little of this spot, add in a little of another spot, embellish and over-exaggerate and you come up with Bob's distorted, confusing, and just plain mixed-up view of who knows what. But I like it, don't change a thing.

By ~silver , 20-03-2003

~LOCATION~ - I am interested too....
can someone post the location directions a little more clearly on here? come on hook a surfer up! =)

By , 13-03-2003

where? - where is this place? Send me a location. peace out!

By anonymous , 10-03-2003

Mushrooms? - This spot is actually called "Popotla" if it is the left that you mention, south of Titanic village. Mushrooms is nearby (actually an entirely different cove). Later!

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