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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Mother theresas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Anonymous , 30-09-2008

- Teresa's is actually a good wave...just a bit inconsistent. Weird, you'd think it would break on the same swells as 38's but it doesn't. Kinda hard to get wired as to when to catch it. I've always had better luck on small summer and fall swells.

Breaks a bit like Secos up in LA County when it's on, minus the big retarded rock near the takeoff zone. Peaks up kinda sloppy on a boiling rock bed then peels cleanly to the right for about 60-80 yards, then ends on board-killing cobblestones. Not tubular, but pretty well-shaped for a few snaps and cutties.

Parking is cool, one of the few Baja breaks where you can keep an eye on your stuff while out in the water. Never had any hassles in 3 decades.

Water quality could be sketchy, as a rivermouth flows into it. And we all know about what surprises can be found in Mexican rivermouths...

By logan martina , 12-08-2006

theresas is sick - i have a house directly in front of the cliff and this place gets good. it used to be better before the rivermouth got blocked off as much as it is now, but it seems like enough water is flowin through to keep it how it spot, mellow wave, good times

By anonymous , 22-05-2006

- this place is not the same

By South swell or , 11-07-2005

So Richter - Dude its so cool because its like surfing trestles with no shape. All your buddys can see you out there while they eat tacos. Baja at its best ever.Dont bother with bus stops cause this place is better for certain.

By anonymous , 21-06-2005

Any one has been to this point in winter time? - Hey guys just throwing a question out there, trying to get a place on this KM38 on the lower part pebble beach, has anyone heard any horror stories of people fleeding in the midle of the night because of the water tide being to high on winter, much appreciation to what ever you guys can add

By anonymous , 27-01-2005

- i have pictures of my friend surfing this place and it looks like jeffrey bay. it is kind of a mirage though. it can look super long and makable, but ususally isn't. still, this can be a great wave. this whole area kicks ass- alot of high quality reef/points. reminds me of the trestles area a little bit. don't forget k-39, right down the road. k-39 is upper trestles twin on a good day.

By anonymous , 24-11-2004

Surf - Ive surfed here numerous times and i surfed it when its been overhead and when its been about waist to chest high..everytime it is super ledgey..ive read some comments previously about it being like a tabletop..that comment is absolutely correct...ive seen guys take massive air drops and eat it right on the sharp bottom..thats another thing the bottom is super sharp..the first time we surfed here we didnt have booties and man was that a misktake..aside from getting my feet sliced and it being extremly ledgy..we had a great time in the water..last surfed it the first weekend of october 04..overall this place is fun...ive never surfed k-38 due to this place breaking all the time

By Jacob - - Denmark! , 09-10-2004

- I've been at mother theresas this year, June. Some family and i went to the Las Rocas hotel (the last pic), we brougth our body boards..! Well we went surfing, not for soo long because of the rocks, and the seaplants! Really enoying to be caugth by plants when crashing a wave, and dangerus too! This was the six'th surf, and i've had just learned the tecnics at Monarc Beach a week erlyer! A matter of fact, the waves was good, deffently! Maybe not a place for beginners!

By hippo , 03-09-2004

dont go left! - Ya I did just for kicks and ya im dumb!But dont take my word for it maybe you like taking a few on the
we like to call it the square wave.I can truly say I've logged lots of airtime on this wave...just trying to get on it!

By anonymous , 02-08-2004

ouch! - Every time I go here, some kook comes out of the water with several urchin spines in his foot, don't be like some kook-wear booties. courtesy in the water could be better, but the vibe is still usually pretty good. The line-up is constantly shifting so try not to get hit.

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