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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Las salinas marina

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 02-09-2004

Big Wave Photos - I would love to see the photos you are talking about.

By drunk in mex , 18-08-2004

send the pics - I think i have surfed that spot but would like to see the picks I used to own a house right there in angel camp. we also have a launch site in our little village so you may not be the first. but i would love to see the picks to see if it indeed is the same wave.

By Justin jjjeib@CS.COM , 17-08-2004

Big wave next to Salinas - We dicovered a very significant sized wave south about 1.5miles of the harbour. If youre familiar with this area you probbly have seen the big cloudbreaks off the point but you didnt have the balls to paddle it because of the sheer cliff the wave breaks in to. Thanks to a waverunner and a harbour so close we towed it last winter. Its only worth it if its 11ft min. on the Tanner Banks bUey. No joke we towed this wave up to 35ft. Ill submit photos of waves around 15to 25ft if theres a response. Aloha.

By Heavy , 04-05-2004

Super Turbo's - Yo this is that f-d up harbor-mouth super-suck double up that Taylor Knox surfed in the movie ARC. F-Me this wave grinds.

By , 05-11-2003

La Salina - It actually was better before they dug the boat hole.Maybe not better but much different.Hyma

By Willie Hartsmouth , 04-06-2003

Lovely Spot - can go off on a strong south swell. Nice locals and laid-back atmosphere. That's how I remember it from last summer anyway.

By anonymous , 04-06-2003

car theft - ask anyone in the camp about the recent car theft. if you paddle out alone and aren't a kook, you may not be harassed too bad (they will just drop in on you). if you paddle out with one or more of your non local friends, your vehicle will be "attended" to.

By anonymous , 04-06-2003

security concerns - Don't leave anything valuable in your car. There have been recent car thefts and break ins. "Locals" in the area have been known to be agressive, from dropping in on waves to slashing tires.

By anonymous , 27-05-2003

no title - This place sucks! dirty polluted and no waves! I am outta here. butch

By anonymous , 12-05-2003

word of advice - no waves, dont bother, flat, sharks, sting rays, polluted water, no fishing, rip offs, rats, scorpions, drug dealers beach, guns, ugly girls, land mines on the beach, 3 eyed fish, windy, dangerous, mordidas, multas y mala mota..por viejan aqui porque hay bastante problemas y esta peligrosa!

Signed, El Pasajero (missing leg from exploded landmine, stolen board, toxic shits for months, stolen car & wife, cien peso mordida, scorpion bites on my penis, stolen fishing pole and worst of all...NO WAVES!

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