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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Las gaviotas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By me , 20-04-2004

Little America - If you want to drive all the way to mex,and then 30 minutes to Las Gaviotas to try and surf with all the other dinks from the place you just left IE;la/oc/sd
And deal with all the U.S. local crap thats in la/oc/sd
Then by all means please go there.By the way just check the 8'high board at the front with all the fireworks,no drinking,no hanging towels off your balcony,no yelling ,no shouting blah,blah,blah, no fun
Those of us who have houses in mex call it little america because thats exactly what it is.

By anonymous , 26-01-2004

Shot 1 and 3 are K38 - But 2 and 4 are Las Gaviotas

By anonymous , 26-01-2004

no title - I've been calling this place dook dog beach for years due to the many canines willing slurp up your steaming tapers off the rocks. give 'em a kiss for me

By anonymous , 18-10-2003

the pictures are good - Used to get it like the pictures all the time. Water quality questionable. Have surfed 2bl overhead and perfect, with a handful of guys with most not going on the sets. Lobster traps used to be a problem on big days.Have seen pangas almost caught inside when they timed it wrong.Haven't seen it good in a long time, although I'm sure it happens.

By anonymous , 06-10-2003

Houses at Las Gaviotas - We had a great time. We stayed in the complex. Contact

By anonymous , 10-07-2003

Getin' in - With a little espanol and uncle sam treasury, the guards accept "propinas." Sorry, secrets out (it was 5+ yrs ago). Cold for baja. Wave has potential--mellow vibe. Jacuzzi right off the rocks. Mostly breaks right.

By San Diego Surfer , 21-06-2003

Start of Summer 03 Sessions - I surfed Gaviotas this last week, which also happens to be the first real week of summer in SoCal (all of the kids are out of school). We surfed in the afternoon with about 6-13 guys out, but heard reports of as many as 25 that morning. Now, in my opinion the patrons of this property are asking alot out of this wave. I mean that if it is not connecting all the way through the mellow what's up nods that take place on the beach and in the jacuzzi do not get carried into the crowded lineup. The surfers that actually can surf out there, and this is about 35%, try and take every single wave that comes in. For example, some longboarder took three set waves in a row then proceeded to paddle back out and sit on me each time. Realizing that he had no intention of sharing the waves with any of the other surfers out I decided to drop in on him, three times in a row!!! If this is any sign of what the summers in Gaviotas is like then don't forget to bring a good attitude and plenty of solarez on your next trip.

By anonymous , 05-06-2003

silver - you lost credibility when you said warm water. No, it's not cold but it's Definitely not warm. Always wetsuit temps during winter or summer.

By anonymous , 01-06-2003

i agree - Water is chilly for this far south. Damn humblt current. I have trunked it in summer tho. I also agree that the break is crowded but vibe out in the water is nothing but friendly. Baja is great. Go venture travel south of ensenada

By ~silver , 20-03-2003

~yea yea yea~ - COLD WATER????? naaaaaa... yea its not HAWAII but it is definatly not COLD! I am originally from N.OREGON and that my friend, is COLD WATER!!!! usually there is always a good vibe among the surfers out in the water.... hope it stays that way... there is already too much additude in waters as it is.. keep MEXICO MELLOW..........

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