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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Las gaviotas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By , 15-02-2005

Spanish House - Where could i stay that is local to the waves at Spanish House? What city?

By Sir Salty , 14-02-2005

- Just one guys opinion...

I was turned onto this place in 90-91 and have spent one or two weeks here a year ever since. As with most things, it seems like it was a better place back when I first started staying there, but then again that could just be me getting older. One thing is for sure, its certainly more crowded now and the rental rates are too high IMO.

Las Gaviotas is no secret so if your intent is a quiet vacation, free of crowds and typical CA nonsense do your best to avoid weekends, holidays and the summer months. Any other time, it feels like your in So Cal.

The surf is a mixed bag. The main break takes both summer and winter swells but needs some pretty specific conditions to get GOOD. Typically its just a sectiony wave rather than a peeling point of reef that the attached pictures lead you to believe. As with most surf breaks it can and does get good, but you need a litte patience and some luck.

Personally, I'm over Las Gaviotas. Too much $ for a decent rental, too many people, too many barneys...

By G.Frentino , 18-01-2005

El SHarky in la aqua - Was in Gaviotas over the weekend of Jan 14th. I was dawn patroing it w/2 other guys, and we saw a bunch of comotion coming from the area inside of the kelp bed. Then, within a minute or two, a large area of the water seemed to get alot darker where the comotion had come from. We saw a sea lion (or his body parts) float to the surface, and we the guy next to me turned sheet white.The fisherman in the lobster boat that was pullin up a buoy started screaming, "Tiberon!! Tiberon!!" I know enough Spanish to understand that he was yelling "shark," and we got the hell out. I know that it can happen anywhere, just lettin ya'all know that this was too close for comfort. BE CAREFUL, Greg Frentino

By Pelham 1,2,3 , 20-12-2004

Tragic Yuppie Ghetto - Dig "traveling" to waves more donkey-packed than home? Here's your spot. Web vacation rental sites and stinky OC speculators rule! 1995=12 (out of 230 units) vacation rentals. 2004=182 rentals...most stuffed to the rafters with leashed longboards (aw, cute). Even a surf school! 1995=12 out. 2004=60+. For a C-/D+ wave on all but the exact tide and angle. Oh yeah: nice artificial beach. Catch the wave!

By anonymous , 09-11-2004

- What is the surf like in baja right now. i am heading down to sand diego and then meeting up with a cousin i have never met and he is takeing me to his freinds house with in the Las Gaviota complex. Whats the surf like during thanksgiving? What is the water temp like? I hope I score some great waves. Peace dudes

By Ken Weber , 26-10-2004

Cuidado!!!! - Cuidate!! I got duped by the security guards at the gate! They let me in, and then I got arrested later that day by the locale policia!! Fuckin Bummer Deal!! I spent 2 days in a jail...No food, no grass, and I was the only ass!!! Be careful.. The property owners/security/policia have some scandal workin...... Late!! Ken

By owner , 27-07-2004

Language - You give surfing a bad name. No reason for the language. you think your the only one who speaks spanish? I locked the tunnel gate. I agree with the stay at your own Casa writer. I will tell the guards to stay on alert. You are all we need in Gaviotas... A SC attitude?? This is La Buena Vida and we intend to keep it so. Adios, Amigo..

By Matt G , 17-06-2004

brilliant mix of languages - This is for the las gaviotas stay at your own "casa" kook. Yes, kook. What is casa? Quien es putito? You can access Las Gaviotas by entering a large drainage tunnel on the east side of the "calle libre". I wouldn't drag one of my girlfriends through the tunnel but a group of 5 or 6 of my wave hungry surf "compadres" would be absolutely acceptable. See us in the water.

By anonymous , 17-06-2004

please stay at your own house - please stay at your own casa, were ever that may be.

By anonymous , 02-06-2004

Great Spot - I surfed there Memorial Day Weekend and compared to LA, it was empty. At most (Sat mid morning) there were about 20 guys out there. Most days there were about 10 in the morning. Plus, there is also a second spot north of the point, which saw sweet waves every day too -- with about 4-6 guys at the most -- usually empty or with 2-4 people. Love this place!

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