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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Las gaviotas

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By , 01-02-2006

The good, the bad and the ugly! - I enjoyed reading the posts on surf in Las Gaviotas. I've been going there for the past 23 years (first as a renter and now as a homeowner) and I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. First the good: Las Gaviotas has waves year round and I've scored memorable sessions with only a few friends out. Like many other surf destinations, it's all in the timing. The bad: Las Gaviotas tends to blow out early and the tides can mess with the swell. The ugly? Summertime! With that said, it's a casual and convenient getaway close to the border. There also are still affordable rentals available. I only charge $100/night during the offseason. There are other deals to find if you take the time to make friends with some of the (part-time) locals.

By Ryper , 15-01-2006

Kinda costly for average surf - What happened to Baja? We used to surf around this area 10+ years ago & park anywhere. Now its impossible to find parking except for around Theresas or La Fonda! A friend suggested we stay here (Gaviotas) for a few nights during the middle of the week to hopefully get some uncrowded reef surf. The cheapest condo they had available cost $235 per night (2 night minimum)for a small place split between 3 guys. We were stoked that all conditions seemed like we would score. On the way down, it looked like everywhere, Baja Malibu, Calafia, Theresas, etc. were looking so good. When we got to Gaviotas, we were given a big list of rules: no hanging wetsuits on balcony, no beer in public, no noise after 8pm, no this no that - seriously about 25+ strict rules to adhere in the "Gaviota community"- many rediculous rules with $200 fines if violated & roving security meatheads patroling. The waves were kinda sectiony and no real wind protection with like 15+ guys on longboards. I overheard that some of them owned condos here. They seem to have the lineup dialed in. We surfed a few mushy sessions then ended up getting in the car driving to Theresas just north to get waves that were much funner and way more rideable with even less guys out. We still had fun just hangin out with the bros, but I honestly think it would be just as fun surfing back home in HB or Trestles. Next time I we'll probably stay at La Fonda.

By anonymous , 14-12-2005

waves - hey is there any surf in gavs right now? heading down for a surf trip around jan 4th just praying to get some sick waves

By anonymous , 10-12-2005

- got it on the biggest NW swell of last winter. The south jetty was breaking a couple hundred yards out and reelin right for a couple hundreds yards with super offshore. Baja malibu was epic but only checked it out. LAS GAVIOTAS is a soft average wave in the region mostly longboardish. a safe place to stay, kinda pricey.

By V-Dog , 03-12-2005

Mushy & crowded - It must be the novelty of the high priced "private property". Most guys just park outside & walk in from the south, invading the already crowded line up (only one tight takeoff spot). Those photos are so misleading. It's only good on a south. The wave is usually short. If theres any swell it ends up peeling right into this 100 yard long jetty (just out of the picture). Better off at K-38, La fonda or Salsipuedes.

By , 27-11-2005

Catch the Vibe........ - Even if the waves aren't cooperating, it's still a fun place to cole'chill w/your girlfriend or significant other. Gotta love the sunsets, the vibe, and the civiche man down by the pool on Saturday mornings. Have a beer, relax, and join the conversation by the jacuzzi with some friends... Aloha

By mez , 26-11-2005

concerning sharks - I dove right in front of the pool one flat day, summer of '04. I was snrkeling with a 6 foot sling. I was in the water no longer than fifteen minutes and was no further than 100 yards from the shore when I came across a juvenile (6-8ft.) white shark. I froze. It paid me no mind and continued on it's way. I've swam with sharks plenty of times, but whites and makos scare the hell out of me. I got out of the water quickly and calmly.

Their numbers are increasing everywhere along the socal and northern baja coastlines.

My $.02 about gaviotas . . . fun longboard wave, that is really sectiony. Can get good with right condition/swell combo, but sorta rare. The fresh ceviche on the weekends is excellent. I like the place, but when I plan real surf trips, gaviotas is not on the agenda.

By annonymous , 29-09-2005

CHILL OUT - You guys need to relax..remeber your in mexico. Grab a few beers and get some lobster for 5 bucks. Thats what mexico is about, it doesnt matter if the surf isnt going off just it enjoy it while your there.

By #44,45,49,10,166 , 18-08-2005

What Sharks? - My family has owned homes in Las Gaviotas for 22 years and i've surfed there about 10 days a month for the last 15 years. There are about as many sharks here here as there are in any place along the SoCal coast. I'd be more worried about getting too drunk and waking up next to a cow! ha ha ha ha. Come join the fun guys.

By kev , 20-07-2005

fun stuff - head up to k-38.. its a super fun wave when theres swell. The waves at las gav are definatly a longboard wave, but when theres swell it can be shortboardable. How many places can you see a surfer out in the lineup with a beer?? The environment is great and people are way nicer in mex than in socal.(i live in huntington) But anywayz, the waves dont always have to be epic, its just a fun place to party and meet some nice girls ;) and hang out with friends. And cmoooon.. dont worry about the sharks

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