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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 La fonda

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By GringoGrande , 24-06-2004

Hola Chingon - We should have left California in the hands of fukin Espana. Now that was a fine group of dudes. The Spanish mofos would probably hang your stupid ass. We treat your illegals with more respect than your sorry ass country does. Hey, our teenagers used to do lots of the work that your migrants do now. If not for tourista $$ your country would be in the crapper, and you know it. Just because you are not sure what race you belong to, don't get hostile with Gringos. Also- my people were not even in the USA when California changed hands. But my people learned English and worked hard. They didn't create barrios and gangs. We were not well received by the locals, but my ancestors worked their asses off and gained respect. But you do have some good waves down there. Try to stop me from taking a few, and then we will have some fun.

By anonymous , 03-06-2004

asdffdsa - hey any of you know if rosarita break is any good?

By Capital of Morality , 01-06-2004

Mexico - Morals? Just ask the Federalis. Soon Mexicans will be the majority ethnic race in America, so I'm not sure who you are talking about when you refer to 'immoral Americans.' I think the real moral issue is crossing a national boarder illegally to escape from your own country's problems and lack of economic stability, only to syphon cash you make in the USA back to 'home' to Mexico. What is so moral about that? Go shove your moral shit where it belongs...

By anonymous , 01-06-2004

"respeto" - americans, please stop fucking around overseas anymore and gotta learn how to have a deep respect to others once and while. +++ the camp site was just messy because of those who were playing with fireworks til 4, 5 in the morning, sceaming, morality, no respect to the country and the people..just sad.

By Tex n Tammy , 15-04-2004

Make sure you eat at the La Fonda Hotel - after 6 months in Mexico, the best meal and accommodation was back at the 60 mile peg out of Tijuana. The La Fonda Hotel is legendary for all the right reasons, its not too cheap but worth every peso. $75US + per night.
Fantastic rooms- Shabby Chic - and the best food that side of the border.Hugely recommended.

By pjc , 15-03-2004

Good waves, bad paddle - The campsite is easy as anything to get to, a dirt parking lot overlooking the beach, which isn't bad for $7 a night. It's Mexico--abandoned buildings, cars, and dogs litter the whole countryside. The wave isn't bad, but the currents here are a little strong, and the paddle out is downright rough and tiresome. I never saw anyone stay out for any length of time (even an hour) without coming in to take a break. And the waves weren't even over 5 ft all day! There was also a weird sideways wave going down the length of the beach, perpendicular to the sets. It'd be pretty hot to see someone connect two perpendicular waves here.

By anonymous , 11-03-2004

When everything is flat go here - Gets everything

By , 25-01-2004

La Fonda - Thought you might want to add La Fondas web page.
Here is the URL:

By anonymous , 19-08-2003

Beware of the cliffs - La fonda need a bit of a mixed swell (s-sw is nice)to do its thing and when it does (kind of rare) its as good as any wave anywhere. Huge barrels steep drops and a bit of a nasty rip. If you camp beware of the cliffs I was down there 2 weeks ago and two people fell off one of the highest points right onto the rocks dont bring your kids here cuz the fire pits are right on the edge, there are much nicer places to camp in the area.

By I'm with Supid , 26-06-2003

La Fondaaaaaaaaahh - Sweet spot. La Fonda is an excellent wave. Luscious lefts, righteous rights, and bomdigaddy barrels. Everyone around campground is totally friendly, and there are practically NO crowds (on a Tuesday/Wednesday trip). Only wish I could stay longer, but work has me (and you) by the ba((s.

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