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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 La fonda

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By SD surfer , 09-08-2005

Mexamerica - Fuck, it seems like there's nowhere left to surf anymore between TJ and Ensenada that isn't either polluted as hell, crowded with OC-attitude kooks or a brigade of local spongers. With all of the development it's only going to get worse. Oh well, I guess there's always Mainland.

By Baja Margie coming to you live from SADM , 27-07-2005

Ummm.... - Don't mean to burst your bubble , but La Fonda is extremely polluted. Pure solid waste goes into the river, and feeds directly into the ocean. There is no water treatment plant for La Fonda or Mision, that means cesspools and runoff right on the who else? Ha, Gringos homeowners of course! I don't get why people like this wave, to me, it's just a crasher and overrated.

By jodiego , 15-06-2005

La Fonda update - Visited Tuesday, June 14. Parking in campgrounds is now $11 for the day. No 3 hour fee. $16 weekends. That's a steep rise in prices. Water is always colder than San Diego. Bring a full suit. Waves are always bigger than San Diego. Lots of new construction all over the place. Plenty of places to eat and drink. Surf was big today, no wind until about noon, some close-outs, plenty of waves. About 25 guys out today, scattered from La Fonda to the river mouth.

By anonymous , 13-06-2005

Vinnie - Went here June 11/12 for my first trip south of the border, waves were PUMPING ... upwards of 8 foot. Paddle was hell but well worth it once you got outside. I did have a backpack stolen which sucked, I can't say I was surprised, my drunk ass left my backpack outside my tent. My bad I accept it. Watch out for Some old drunk lady named Patty, she stole a BUNCHA a stuff from all along the campground, she got caught and everybody got their stuff back though, wish mine too oh well.

Great waves though. 16.50 per night was a bit rough, it gets any higher and the hotels are gonna be looking much better lol. Hell considering how much My backpack was worth, I coulda stayed in a hotel.

By Baja Mark , 04-06-2005

rip off - Went for Memorial Day weekend. As always, good partying decent surf (especailly the Tues. after everyone went home. I do have to say some bad things about this place.
1. $16 a night per car.
2. All the new construction is bring ton of raw sewage into the line up.
3. Theft. But that can be just about anywhere.
There's more but I'm tired of typing. It seems like you have to go further south these days.

By Masoquisto , 01-06-2005

hey johnson look at this beachbreak - Mexico's gonna be good!

By , 27-02-2005

chillin in La Fonda - I am planning a first trip to mexico and was wondering if anyone would be able to give me advise on flying/driving, camping, etc. Any info. is appreciated

By anonymous , 19-02-2005

spring traveler - youll get something around then but lot's of wind after mourning. if it rains forget it hep c is a bitch. La fonda is your best bet if there is no real ground swell otherwise. don't waste a good swell on closeout La fonda. Glass+Tecate+doubie=best results, crowd is usually not a problem. Oh and the water is colder than so-cal so full suit for shizzzle

By anonymous , 17-02-2005

What about spring? - Anybody know what the conditions are like around march april? Swell, water quality/temp, consistency, crowds, the whole deal? Planning a trip, Thanks

By anon , 25-01-2005

tacos fish - walking distance from the camp ground is a taco place with really good tacos. they have a salsa (salsa roja?) that kicks ass.
you can also buy fake vegetables and fireworks there.

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