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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La fonda

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By chupa cerveza , 22-06-2006

MAMONSITO - hey koook, la fonda works killer on south swells too!i just got back and surfed overhead barrels for the last few days.i've been coming here for at least 15 years and it seems to me that it works best on a solid south.

By Anonymous , 14-06-2006

Watch your s**t!!!!! - Second time I wrote, hopefully this time it will post. I camped at la fonda a bunch of times, surf is great with the right swell, otherwise keep searching. Fun campsites, fun bars, and usually good people. HOWEVER, there are lurkers waiting for you too pass out so they can jack your shit. We got almost a $1000 worth of shit jacked in the early mourning. Good times but watch your shit. Oh yeah the price of the campsite seems to rise every time I go, thats also BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 20-04-2006

Boooo - The campsite is dirty, expensive, and hectic. The price is especially absurd. Stay away on holdiay weekends unless you like someone camping on your ass. Pretty easy trip though - maybe that's why it get so crowded.

By IBSURFER , 03-04-2006

Lock up All your things!!!!!! - I just got back from La Fonda, and actually caught some fun surf. "wich is RARE". Fun little spot to party at but always lock up all your belongings. I awoke to find some shitty guy going through our trailer. Same guy also went into my buddies truck while he was asleep in it. He got us for a couple ipods a backpack full of clothes and a few other items. All in all over $1000 in loses. I hear more and more stories about theft at La Fonda. Also the camping fee always seem to increase every time I go. Its a cool spot but always be very vigilant.

By anonymous , 29-03-2006

New Management - To the guy below that got bilked out of his $ and has issues with the new owners, I would second that. Like many other people, my girlfriend and I have been going to La Fonda for years. It is a special place to us; seeing it go corporate, seeing the standards slip and the prices rise--not cool at all. You still can't beat the Sunday buffet though, and the wave is as fun and consistent as ever. We'll continue to go. My advice to anyone visiting for the first time is pick your room wisely. La Fonda is no longer a bargain or a secret and at a c-note/night, make sure you get one of the better rooms because there're all different and some, quite frankly, are a rip. One more thing, La Fonda management just opened up "Club La Fonda." Stupid. Seeing their revamped marketing tactics, I don't doubt they'd love to see the place turned into the next great Spring Break party spot for SoCal college students. Now I have nothing against them--having been one myself not too long ago--but let's not spoil what's left. Go down, score some good surf and have a few. And if you run into Dmitry, the longtime former owner, tell him to come back! Those gringos running the place don't know a damn thing about what Baja means to us.

By Al , 22-02-2006

La Fonda Hotel - La Fonda Hotel has new owners. They lied to me about my reservation price and our group's agreement and tried to cheat me out of some cash. It's a real shame. The hotel and the old owners used to be so great. Definetly go somewhere else. There are plenty of good places nearby.

By had to go back to san diego to get a new suit... , 28-01-2006

- This campsite is known for its looting. Our first night our car was busted into and things ( 1000 worth of wetsuits, etc...) were stolen. We asked the owners and they said that people come from afar to steal things, yet they try to make the place seem safe.
watch out for your stuff, we heard several other similar stories in our month stay in baja. south of ensenada is safer and we found better surf.

By Mr. SaUcE , 17-10-2005

Mr. SaUcE - Going to K-58 this week for four days seems there may be small surf but always a wonderful weekend get away from the local grounds in cali and dirty water. The new buildings going up are blowing the spot out to many Barney's and yahoos showing up time to go further south seems like its are turn to run for the boarder. Love the place though cant wait to go big or small surf its always a blast. One last thing if your not surfin dont camp there we went and people just camping tryed to rope off spots for people showing up later we just ran over there yellow tape and set up camp no spot savies in mexi!!!!!

By , 14-10-2005

Fuck LaFonda - Baja malibu is way better, or just head south twenty minutes and hit san miguel. la fonda gets hella blown out by noon, there are too many groms, and the mexicans party all night at the campground (good luck getting sleep). seriously, this wave can be sick, but san miguel or baja malibu is way better. k-38's is pretty sick too if we're gonna talk about sick baja spots.

By , 24-09-2005

hacienda encanto La fonda - trying to find a number for la hacienda encanto hotel in La fonda, anyone know the place??

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