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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La fonda

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By murf da surf , 19-02-2009

Incredible story - wow, that is pretty incredible. I would not of expected that type of help down around there from the police. I guess their pretty fed up with the crap too. Great story.

By E. Calnan , 08-07-2008

Theft at La Fonda - Went down to Baja over July 4th weekend and stopped for lunch at La Fonda on the way back Sunday afternoon. Parked my 4Runner on the east side of the road across from the motel and went into the restaurant with my two passengers. When we got back to the car an hour later it was locked but there were two backpacks and two bags missing. The thief broke the lock on the passenger side door. Gone were cell phones, car keys, passports and clothes. This happened despite four security guards patrolling the parking area. We went back to the office at La Fonda to report the theft and they called the police. I went back out to the street to talk with the security guards while my friends hung out in the office. While outside I noticed a guy walking across the street to my car and thought he was just another security guard - but apparently he wasn't. The guards I was talking to saw him and starting running towards him. The guy ran back to the west side of the street, down an embankment, and jumped into an old model white Jeep Grand Cherokee. One of the guards was driving a golf cart and tried to block the jeep in. Another guard through a brick through the jeep's passenger side window - shattering it. The thief spun his wheels back all the way up the dirt road and back onto the highway, was doing 60 when he passed me, flew past the front of La Fonda and then took a sharp right onto the pay road heading south. The security guards at La Fonda were pissed. Alejandro - chief of security made a few phone calls and we headed off to Rosarito to make a police report on the stolen passport. While in Rosarito Alejandro calls to says the Federal Police caught the guy just south of Salsipuedes and they were holding him in Ensenada. We headed back to La Fonda and Alejandro put us in the good hands of Jesus who drove us to Ensenada. We spent about an hour going through the jeep locating all the items from the bags. The thief had thrown the contents of the bags all over the car. He hid the passport in the ceiling fabric which took a while to find. Two passports were found one of which did not below to any of us. One of my passengers could not find his cell phone so they searched the thief and found it. Then it was found that the battery was missing. They searched the thief again and recovered the battery. Once everything had been accounted for Jesus took us all to the Judicial Police office in Valle de Guadalupe to make a report so that this guy could be put away for a while. No report and he get let out after 24 hours. The reports took many hours of work on the part of a DA's assistant who had been called in on his day off but hopefully it will keep this guy off the streets for a while. Be careful - do not leave items in the car that you may need to get back home...

By , 23-07-2007

La Fonda Rip Off and Get Back - Just got back from a weekend at LF. Partied Thurs night, went to sleep in my tent, woke up to my tent being unzipped with a Mex kid holding 3 of my bags at the opening to my tent - thought I was dreaming. Got up and chased after him, luckly I slept in my shoes, in the ravine north of LF and got 2 bags back, he bailed with the bag with my suits in it. Went back to camp to roust my bros and put my bags back while I went back out to find my suits. Bros get up and start looking and another guy goes into my tent. 2nd guy rifles through my stuff and takes my wallet and cell as my bros are chasing him out of my tent. This was insane. Gets better. We search the ravine and beach for about 3/4 of a mile north and find my DL and some other stuff but he got the cash and credit cards - he left 200 pesos under a rock right with my stuff, weird...We search for another hour or so.
So I'm out cash, credit cards, cell phone and most importantly my wetsuits. They could have taken my Passport but didn't.
I go to the office and ask the man what he is going to do ? what about security, blah, blah, blah. Later that night I go back to the office and talk to the man and asked him what he did about by stuff...I got the name and number of the company in TJ that operates LF and told him I am going to call. Hassle him for about an hour about it.
The next night the policia pull up right to our spot and they've got my wetsuits in the trunk. NO WAY!!! can't believe it - super stoked to get my suits back.
La Fonda's a good place to go but watch your stuff real close. We talked to other guys who had bags taken and other stuff same night and earlier in the week. Just guard the cash, cc's and phones no matter where you are sleeping. I never thought I'd get ripped off in my tent with me in it!!

By Catherine , 14-05-2007

Chill place - I just got back from a weekend camp trip there. I loved it.

By merobe , 16-11-2006

thieves and meth - La Fonda, Alisitos is known as the place to get ripped off. Meth has taken over Mex and nothing is safe anymore. They know who the thieves are but until it affects their income they won't do anything about it. It's not just wetsuits and cameras anymore, they want your truck also.

By Anonymous , 01-09-2006

parking - just got back from a great surf trip from la fonda. chill place. but 11 usd fee for parking. that is messed up. just give the lady a 5 dollar bill and she will be cool with it. dont let them rip you off especially if you look like an outsider.

By Anonymous , 29-08-2006

Nothing Like An Adventure - Just got back from a three day camping trip to La Fonda, Good times, good times! The camping per night is $16.50 I guess only certain parts of the year they will drop the cost. But, definately only camp on the cliffs with the other campers, two dudes drove down to the beach and camped along the rocks off to the right of the cliff to enjoy a private camp site with all other campers next to eachother on the cliff. Well some bandits unzipped the tent held them up at gun point, hogg tied them down and made off with their money and truck! So, definately go camping at La Fonda cuz the surf was great and it's worth the adventure, just don't camp on the beach, stay on the cliffs with all the other bros!!!

By BeeJay , 08-08-2006

$5 Camping...Not anymore!!! - Just got back from an epic weekend at La Fonda(Aug.3rd-Aug.7)...the surf was BIG and pumping...Lots of barrels for all to enjoy.

Also, the fee to camp in on the cliffs is not $ least not for "gringos." We had 4 vehicles and paid $16.50USD per vehicle per night. But since the surf was going off the price was well worth the rewards!

By demitri , 07-07-2006

almost free - They just lowered the camping fee to $5 a car in order to get more campers. Beer is cheap too. Hit it up all you weekend warriors! Tamales!

By rob , 07-07-2006

the spot faces dead west - i've yet to see it break good on a straight south i've been there a couple times on a smaller south and the place has been ankle slappers i wont tell you where's been good but i seen this place pump on south west and wnw i dont know i'll be there this weekend and as the case may be a straight sout is in the forcast i hope to be pleasantly suprised but i doubt it

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