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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By shaka khan , 09-04-2003

urchins - yea, to agree with the previous person who posted, i recommend booties. otherwise, say hello to the urchins for me!

By ~silver , 20-03-2003

~CLOSER~ - hey last year I was writing about visiting from PORTLAND,OR.. Now I live in SD!!! Been down to the K-38 break a couple more times. Last time I was down it was low tide..... ewwwwwww! the urchins were in full effect! I didn't have my booties and neither did the 4 other guys out there. I was luck to only get about 6 barbs in my foot... the others were not so lucky. One guys got COUNTLESS barbs in both hand and both feet while getting out. By the end he was just crawling out of the water as not to get any moe in his hands and feet. His buddies were mocking him and laughing until they got over to him and the laughing stopped cuz he was pretty messed up. so, word to the wise, bring your booties to MEX-K-38 and beware of the purple urchins. NASTY! but hey no crowds.. so lets surf!

By Turle Man , 29-10-2002

Damn it Flying Dutchman - Will you get off your ass and let's get back down to Harry's please. We need to go soon, the swells are starting to pump.

By , 28-10-2002

Baja Living - I'm a surfer from west oz about to do the trip down Baja and was just keen to know about the whole scene. Camping, surfing, getting my gear safe etc. If anyones got anything to offer I'd be stoked to hear from you.

By Flying Dutchman , 25-10-2002

This place is heaven - I have surfed this spot for the past 7 years, so I am still fairly new. I know a bunch of the local guys at the park above and learned a lot about winds, swell directions, rocks etc and how the spot works best.
A couple of years ago, my buddy and I drove down and met up with a few friends. It was in august and a hurricane swell was hitting. Well overhead (I am 6 foot 5), glassy and sunny. A small crew of Leucida surfers also stayed at the park, a couple of them were pros. I had the best session of my life there. It did not matter what you rode that day,short board, longboard it was epic. A couple of the local boys showed, from Las Rocas hotel and we all took turns. Everyone got waves, no one dropped in on anyone, some gnarly wipeouts! It was one of those days that will happen once in a life time and really gave true meaning to the spirit of surfing. Dinner later at a fire pit, only to awaken to overhead surf in the morning. I hope this wave will continue to exist, because at the rate developers are building condos and luxury homes, it would not surprise me to see it go. Harry, thanks for letting me surf there all these years.

By anonymous , 15-10-2002

Gringos Galore! - All of you SoCal kooks need to learn what "Not Dropping in on somebody means." I have never seen so many Longboarders, spongers, and kooks act like they know what they are doing, drop in and of course, fall on their ass. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU ARE A LOCAL BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT! GO BACK TO DOHENY AND LEARN HOW TO DROP IN!
Make it fun for all the locals and gringos and show some respect!!!

By , 02-10-2002

welcome to e-mail me - my name is craig i'm from h.b. cali and have a house at k-31.5 you cant miss it its 2 stories and all beach house (bright orange and yellow) ive surfed local baja for the past 16 years and usually alone or with less than 5 people at a rip. if any one is interested me and my wife are there 2-3 weekends out of every month. we can hook up, hang out and surf, i likely can show you better spots or at least as good as whats mentioned here. (however this is a very cool sight.) i love baja and will retire there within the next 15 -20 years, we are still pretty young, but have our shit way together. let me know craig....

By Flying Dutchman , 17-09-2002

Silver - Good to hear that bra. K-38 is still one the most consistent spots in Baja Norte. Too bad developement will most likley kill the spot in a few years.
I heard that during the month of august, it got all time, perfect waves.
Now and then you get arrogant pricks from LA and Santa Barbara, but the local boys at Las Rochas and the above trailer park crew put them in their place.
Thanks for letting me surf there "Lee Marvin".

By silver , 17-09-2002

K38 vacation - I am from PORTLAND, OR and I was down @ K38 about 3 weeks ago and it was pretty nice. If I am not confused about the spot.. I was told that if you walk out in the rocks to far you risk stepping on urchins... NOT GOOD! So beware!! Other than that the right was decent.. but from what I see it got GREAT the week after we took off... figures.. =) Thanks for having us... everyone we met was cool. it was refreshing... =) thx! ya'll are welcome up at our cold water break anytime!.. believe it or not .. it gets good in OREGON @ teh SEASIDE POINT.. now that is a killer left... check it out.....

By Flying Dutchman. , 13-08-2002

another fun day at K 38 - Great day on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Classic conditions. Dont worry about Turtle, he rips on his board, but DOES like small butts in tight wetsuits...
How much longer will this spot be good, until dvelopement will kill this spot, Teresas and K 39.5...bummer!

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