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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By back from vacation :( , 22-09-2003

OUCH! - I just got back from surfing baja this weekend, and I thought the conditions were so nice compared to LA/OC, but OH MY GOD THE SEA URCHINS. I preferred La Fonda just because of that.

By anonymous , 16-09-2003

Are we talking Mex - man you guys can't be surfin mex. have a beer and chill out.

By , 30-07-2003

to the aryan brother from L.A Shitnatzo - the jdl may want to know where you are hiding. Is there surf in Idaho Hitler fuck!?

By me , 27-07-2003

Final Advisory - Long(especially)and short need to LEARN respect and not paddle past the priority holder. Any way its OC&LA that are the problem and I'm not SD. Wknd warriors trying to get their fill! You guys make me laugh. While the real locals(mex)and ex-pats get theirs on the weekdays and winter. GUYS JUST 'CAUSE YOUR IN MEXICO, YOUR NOT FACELESS.
STOP SPREADING YOUR SMALL-EGO,INSECURE,WANNA BE PRO ATTITUDE ALL OVER THE WORLD. YOU ARE MAKING US AMERICANS LOOK HORRIBLE! Especially if you suck! I live here and I'm not over 30 and I surf better than you. It's a disgrace to see you guys make fools of yourself and "US". Get a clue!

By pinche mamon , 17-07-2003

malibu? who the fuck are you. - Stay in La. dont even pass camp pendleton and what ever do dont stop in oceanside, stay in malibu and ride the board your dad bought for you. long or short your still a whinning bitch

By The locals in the trailerpark. , 17-07-2003

Malibu Homo - That's all they ride in malibu, dumbass!!! Dont ever come down here again!!! The locals (some lived here for 30 years)all ride longboards, so show some respect. If not, you will go to prison buddy and Baja Prisons are not fun. Well for you mabe since you love little boys!!!

By My name is SCHNATZO from Malibu California. - bring on the hate mail fags , 11-07-2003

Longboard bish's and that f-ing rabbi - Longboarders are fat slobs of shit. I spit on you. You are worthless kooks who should just simply go back to the office. Life has passed you by. You fat-balding-old-geezers!!!

I am sick of how you paddle past me and sit ten to fifteen feet further out and think you have possession. Longboarders should be used for firewood or simply to produce more shortboards. If anyone out there sees a rabbi surfer please tell him I shit on his bag while he was in the water. He snaked me.....kyke.

By ewing2surf , 09-06-2003

Rancho Cota Pro Am 1979-85 - Anyone have any good or bad memories they would like to share? How about 1984 and 20 or so of the top west coast and Hawaiian surfers shredding overhead K38 under a full Moon.

By d , 21-05-2003

Where to surf in or around La Fonda? - I am going down to La Fonda for the weekend and I want to know where some easy or beginner breaks are located? I just want to have a good time surfing without pissing anybody off.

By anyone got a time macine for sale , 07-05-2003

another spot that used to have soul - the waves still there.But the huge building ,erected about
15 years ago has definetely killed access. Which some people like.Those who remember camping on the bluff know what im talking about. Used to be a neat scene, middle of the week,before the days of hyper active surf reports.Sorry kids you were born too late,its all got a price tag now.

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