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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By a rosenthal , 10-08-2005

santini's - In response to Baja Margie, Santini's was K39 - a short walk from K38. It was great in its day, but we Rosenthals have moved on to other surfing environments - Jack to Australia, Hank to Hawaii.

By Baja Margie , 27-07-2005

Santini's ????? - We grew up with the Rosenthal's who had a house at Santini's. - the old part, not where the art gallery is. So, I'm a little confused - when you say K38/39 are you referring to Santini's?

By Long way from home , 17-07-2005

fun and no fun - Had great tacos pescados before a fun uncrowded sesh. Locals got my car PARKED in the lot. Had alot of gear as we drove down from Seattle for the trip. Wish id gotton hit at the END of our trip, not our very first day. It would have been very hard getting back to friends in San Diego if it werent for AWSOME locals and very helpfull cali surfers. Thanks for water, $$ and the shirt off of your back. Made for a great story, but bummed about all the missed surf. Dont know if I'll ever surf that close to TJ again.

By Kaniela , 10-05-2005

5/6-5/9 2005 - Surfed the first south hemi of the summer 4 days in a row.Good waves 4-10 foot faces. pretty mellow crowd 5-15 guys out thru the week end. COLD WATER!! met some cool locals from playas. just be sure to respect them as you would locals anywhere else. K38 lacks alot of the power, I am used to in Hawaii, but makes up for it with long sections perfect for driving off the tops, and round houses. I prefer it at least 8-10 feet, other wise feels like a good long board wave. Thanks to the local boys for sharing, especially avocado and felipe from playas. next time I will show some aloha at my local breaks on kauai.

By TB , 01-04-2005

K - 38.... - Is a great place to surf, especially during the week. If you happen to see a 6'4 tall dutchman, his name is E.L and he is origanlly from Holland. He surfs pretty good though. He hates Ajax too! But he is strange, he likes to make out with the white cat at Harry's house. Also, we were crashing at Harry's pad one night, and he woke up all scared, he is afraid of his own shadow!

By E.L. - eL local! , 26-03-2005

TB White cat - Save it please! - If you see this guy TB rip (and he does rip!) make sure you drop in on him. He thinks he owns the place. He does own this little male cat, that he violates regulary.

By Lonald P. Donnigan , 24-03-2005

Ted Malibu... - Is that your real name? Anyway, cool name. I love this place, its always fun to go down and get waves during the week when its on. Stay at Harry's pad and watch E.L. make out with the white cat on the cliff.

By Ted Malibu. , 20-03-2005

Harry... - Harry,

Are they building another set of High rises at K-38? I would at least surf it a couple of more times before this wave is gone as well...TB likes the white cat...

By matp , 21-11-2004

- No worries go and have a great time just watch the kmph.
and you won't have any problems. Go further south than k38 for some fun times a new bar has opened @ k181 check it out.

By anonymous , 20-11-2004

just wondering - us 2 irish surfers are thinking of doing baja trip in a car. I hear the cops give alot of hassel. Whats the craic?

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