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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Anonymous , 07-12-2007

Lol @ Driving at 4am with a motorbike - I read those stories and it seems they were all driving at night, especially with a motorbike in the back???? Come on, even driving during the day with a bike in the bed seems like a big the rusty piece of sh*t (can still be reliable tho) and drive during the day and trouble will be minimum

By Anonymous , 29-11-2007

Boycott Baja - Beware! Northern Baja is unsafe! Crime has escalated recently in Baja. Traveling american surfers seem to be a favorite target. Well armed, organized groups of corrupt off duty police are preying on gringos. Robberies, carjackings, kidnappings, rapes and shakedowns. Now they are expanding crime spree to american retirees, sportsfishermen and Baja 1000 enthusiasts. See links- also

By Anonymous , 27-11-2007

rip off - while on my way home from surfing southern baja I decided to surf K38. I paddled out to fun headhigh surf with only two guys. Here comes the shity part,I park my car under Morro puente and got totaly ripped -off with in an hour.Be carefull of the lowlife scum.
Lets look towards UNITY....M...

By Pinto Cup , 16-11-2007

Pay-up Gringos - Every morning when I sit on my pit toilet and look at the waves through the hole in the cardboard door, I like to think of great new ways to rip-off gringo surfers. The best scam is to make the rounds to all the surf spots with my cousin, Osacar who is policeman and make surfers pay fines at gunpoint. It pays well and soon I will be able to buy a stand-up surfboard so I can surf like a real surfer. But for now I'll just ride this waterlogged boogie board that I stole from a gringo couple down at Cuatro Casas.

By Niko , 23-10-2007

Park INSIDE the dirt lot - Or your car will get stolen. Pay the $5 and ask for the chain / rope to be raised if it's up, but DO NOT park outside the lot. My friends car was stolen there this past weekend. It was the second one that day and Robert who runs the little hotel there said they steal cars there all the time. DO NOT leave your key near your car. Put it in your leash.

By El Gring Kid , 15-05-2007

High rise Hell - Great workable right point/reef that works on a summer swell. Tends to be mushy if tide is too high. Used to surf here a lot back in the late seventies and eighties. We used to drive right up to the point that overlooks the break and pitch our tents. We could keep an eye on our stuff from the water. Later it got sketchy with all the off duty police making the rounds for bribes. Then some greedy bastards walled it off and built a giant condo tower. Now you have to park down in the polluted gulch to the north at Teresas.You can't see your car from the water now, so you might as well just give them the keys.

By tomas de k38 , 09-05-2007

hurley...las rocas hotel - .. HURLEY...the hotel just north of the taco stand and surf shop is called las rocas.. see it at
the sign you see out by the road is for trailers and camping. a place at k38 called bennys was there.used to have rooms. im not sure what theyre doing with that right now.
also take a look at a site some guy put up, it gives a little more info.

By tomas de k38 , 08-05-2007

HARRYS GONE..... - .. ive been in campo cortez over 40 years,
when only my folks tiny beach house stood on the cliff.
surfed triple overhead with nobody out- no pics to prove it, but i did. surfed with peruvian toto later on, harry started comming around after that, then took over totos place.
lots of trailers etc now, jesus on the hill, and a new shopping " mall" at taco surf.
tacho has passed away, reuben has passed away..
lots has the same...
like the eagles sang-- call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye.....
you may know me, you may not.

By , 08-05-2007

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! - If any one knows the # to the hotel just to the north of the rivermouth ( i think its called k-38 hotel) i would love it!Its next to the taco stand and the surf shop. I have been surching it for days, and i cant find it. So help a brother out! thanks.....

By Mieuwww , 11-12-2006

Harry - you still there? - What up? This spot will be ruined in a year or two, because the gringos are building too many house here.
TB - The white cat awaits you brutha!

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