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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 28-04-2006

- blah blah blah

By , 16-04-2006

k55 local - actually its a local spot, if anyone thats local is there the day you park your car in some random spot, it will get messed up, and if im there, i wiill do it, and bring it to your face. so i wouldnt surf there unless you have a house, go to 38's like all the rest of the kooks. peace

By ak47 , 12-04-2006

me - my family has owned a house right on the point for over 40 years. and yes its a local spot. trust me, we do mess up cars, so ya you might get away with it some times, but if any locals are down when your out.. that sucks for you. but my name is alex kirkpatrick, so if you see some 20 year old kid, thats me, come talk to me if you wanna surf. ill give you directions to la fonda

By Tobias McCurry , 27-02-2006

I WAS THERE! APRIL 13th-18th - Hi all,
I was there. The locals do not want thier private spot flooded with heads. I would not want it either if I paid 20K for a private resort, and some guy wondered in when the guard was on break. Try getting to know someone, and so respect to the people at the break. Don't drop in on people, its pretty simple. I was there sold head to double over head. La fonda has the break too. take your pick. K38 + a 500 yard walk south will give you the same reek break. I meet the locals, and they are good guys. a little respect. I loved the break, and I hope I am welcomed back.

By anonymous , 10-12-2005

really? - did you really see sharks attack?I wouldnt be suprised. Seen locals let the air out of tires before. theres tons of other really good breaks within 20 min so its not worth the hasssle unless its really on and then theres usually alot of guys out. My friends seen a 1/2 body wash up on lafonda and my pops seen huge sharks at k-38 so a shark attach would nt be out of the question......

By anonymous , 11-10-2005

55s is very mellow - Ok 55s is a very mellow spot and it still gets very good I was just there on the 3rd of this month. The point wasn't breaking all that big but the reef on the other side was going off. The only thing you really need to watch out for is the rocks thats it. Oh yea Sharks live in the ocean so if you don't want to worry about sharks don't surf. The locals are extremely friendly too if you have a problem here with somebody you have a problem with you.

By , 06-10-2005

losers surf there - I used to rent a house there, Me and two buds went down on Christmas eve, the surf was great christmas monrning one other guy out. We waited a while and let him surf alone, then after an hour we went out.

We get there and He grill's us about who we were and who we came with. What a dick! I had only rented the place for over two months.

Whats the good in having your own little place to surf if you are just going to be a pissed off asshole in the water.

By anonymous , 05-10-2005

- You guys are full of shit. There are no sharks. There are also no urchins. There are also no locals to hassle you or mess with your car. Get a life, people.

By , 23-09-2005

You Kook! - Local'sh'amokle... Don't try and vibe me.. I'm gonna surf there now, just cuz you sound so damn arrogant.

By anonymous , 20-09-2005

go to La Fonda - La fonda is always bigger anyway and no hassles. 55 is never ever worth the trouble, right? So many good waves around, why would you want to hassle and have someone screw with your car. doesn't make sense to me.

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