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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By ak47 , 04-08-2006

- no you cant rent anything down there, but if you go to lafanda or how ever you spell it about three miles south you can get everything there and its a good place to learn, and just so you know if you get caught lighting firework 100ft or closer to a house, the policia will lock yer ass up., so watch out for that, but you can bring me beer if ya like

By Anonymous , 31-07-2006

Surf Mexico??? - Hello I was wondering where I could rent some boards for surfing here. Can you rent at the beach? Is this a good learners wave? Me and 3 friends and their girlfriends want to surf before summer is over. I saw this place and think I know where its at. I will bring the beers and firecrackers! Gracias

By CptNHook , 23-06-2006

BigFish - Long time resident of 55's, wanted to post message that 2 sharks have been sighted numerous times off of reef south of the main point and the main point north of the camp. I fish not surf so respect the locals, the ones that live there and the ones that swim there........

By Anonymous , 21-06-2006

re: 55 aka camp lopez by ZZ Pop - And thats the spot 100% accurate..

By ZZ Pop , 16-06-2006

55 aka camp lopez - I remember surfing there in late 60's bob (russel surfboards) brown had a little cabin/trailer up in the camp...surfed many good days with j vanornum? don craig and a few others. i have been there lately and the parking/camping on the bluff is no need to own /lease property in the camp or walk a long way. the right point is still as I remember...breaks on most swells best on west or n west and can take the mack swell no problem. breaks good in winter...COLD. Beach break can go insane with perfection depending on sand availability. huge long beach with several left corner barrels on the right day. i think the camp is divided and controlled by 2 different parties..negretti and machado (not sure of spelling). don't know alex but look out for the mad shitter and michigan bob aka buffalo bob...he'll make a lamp shade out of your girl friend.
still surf there when I can...i just leave my girlfriend at home.

By Anonymous , 06-06-2006

- and if you think that picture up top is of K55 then your missunderstanding me, thats not it... do any of you even know the family who owned it, and the orignal name?

By Anonymous , 06-06-2006

- and i have even brought MY own friends down there and they have been called out of the water down at the beach break, so i have no idea what your talking about

By anonymous , 24-05-2006

oldman55 - Listen for all the people going down there. I have had a here for a long time. Infact I am sittng here right now. This surf spot is very mellow If you come down here to surf you'll have a blast. Don't worry about little punks like Alex. If anybody vandalizes cars down here I will personally take you out no bullshit. The guys who have places down here are extremely friendly and don't mind sharing the wave. If the point is too crowded there are more places to surf like the beachbreak and the reef when the tide is right. I talked to the Lady about Alex and she is going to make sure that he causes no trouble. So come on down and catch some waves and enjoy yourself.

By anonymous , 23-05-2006

- I was going to get a house there until I found out that it is a gay enclave. That would explain silly boys running around in gay purple cars.

By Old man55s , 10-05-2006

- Listen little punk I have a place down there at 55s. I am sure you have seen my truck and me little boy. If I ever see you and your purple durango down there ever again I am going to kick your ass so bad you'll be shitting out your mouth. You don't want to mess with me Alex I am 6ft5 and used to play in the NFL. I found your picture on myspace and printed out copies so I can give them to the lady in charge down there. I am also going to post them at Salt Creek and the bench where the reef is. Show your face around me you little homo and see what happens. I also know you live in San jaun cap. and I have the phone # for you mom Sherry right. Yeah I am going to have to give her a call and let her know that your vandalizing cars, Oh yea try and bring it to my face.
Everyone who comes down there will know about you and your purple durango or by the time everybody gets done with it a purple durango in the ocean you know those cliffs are great for something.

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