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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Anonymous , 23-02-2007

- All B/S(someone talking shit under my name ie. my friends i bring down), surf where u want, the real Alex Kirk house 45.

By , 08-12-2006

K55 - My name is Alex and I am 20 years old. Don't surf here cause my Daddy and Mommy have a place down here. Plus if you see my purple dodge Durango coming get out of the way cause ill be slashing your tires if you get in my way. My mom Sherry used to dress me up in girls clothing cause she thought I was a girl. Just because I have a snatch doesn't mean I am a girl. I used to blow bubbles when I was younger I heard he was back in town looking for me. Thank you Mommy and Daddy for letting me act like it's actually my place. psssstt you hear that sound it's me queefing.

By Anonymous , 02-12-2006

- Viva libertad...karma...what the hell are you guys talking about? Localism is here to stay and I wouldn't have it any other way. You guys seem like you would get along great. You should carpool down to Campo Lopez singing Kumbaya on the ride down. What's that hissing sound you hear from the lineup? Don't worry about's just a flat real big deal.

By FREE surfer , 10-11-2006

Not your Beach, Not your home, Not your buddy - Viva surf, Viva Mexico, Viva Libertad!! I don't need to be welcomed by some kid that is sooo proud that daddy bought land by the beach, and now thinks it has the right to say who can surf there. HAHAHA. Get real...

By Anonymous , 03-10-2006

whatever buddy - You mispelled the word worse than I's actually "propiedad." So I mixed up an i and an e in my second language...lock me up Sergeant Kook of the Spelling Police. Nobody here has claimed to own the ocean, but there is no legal access to these spots without property ownership. You have no idea what you're talking about and have obviously never been here, so kindly stop talking. Good luck with the "choking," "KOing" and whatever else you have planned. Personally, I don't usually go to OTHER PEOPLE'S HOMES and threaten violence, but to each his own.'re still not welcome.

By Anonymous , 25-08-2006

gate guards - If you don't have a place here, don't surf those of you that don't get it, I'll translate for you..."Propeidad Privada" means private property. My family has had a house in campo lopez since 1963 and it's only been recently that the gate guards have actually been worth a damn. They WILL turn you away...and if they don't, there's plenty of people in the camp that will know that you don't belong.

By Anonymous , 24-08-2006

sharks - Well i take back my last comment, i was there last weekend, and the waves were flat so i went free diving and i saw 3 or 4 sharks off the left side of the point, maybe 3-4 long, no big but i think they were lepord sharks, but i dont really know, but i did spear a 6lbs calaco bass!

By Anonymous , 09-08-2006

sharks - Well i have been surfing there my whole life (20) years and i know i have not seen any sharks but i have seen dead ones on the beach, not sure if its from fishermen or what, but i know people have seen them out at secreats (if you know what wave that is in camp) and just a note. for the last time, if you dont own a house or staying at one, your taking a chance of your stuff or you being hasseld. maybe thats why it says no surfing on the guard shack?

By Anonymous , 08-08-2006

Mad Locals - I had my trucks tires flatten by a couple of locals when I parked inside the gate a couple of weeks ago, look out!

By Anonymous , 04-08-2006

sharks - "long term resident" claims shark sightings. right...

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