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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By zuumjunior , 06-09-2012

K-55/Campo Lopez/Isadores - Greetings, Salutations, Saludos!
I met a homeowner(Jimmy about 60 yo) of Campo Lopez in Indonesia at Kandui Resort a few days back(still here as I write this). Discussing an old name of said location I just now remembered what we called it in the early '60's! - 'Isadores' - does ANYONE recall having heard that name used?
Baja was our escape from Redondo Beach during those years and Panama and everything in between was scouted personally by me w/girlfriends and amigos in the 70's by custom built old Helms Bakery Truck - bed, roof rack, water tank. Good times at Witches Rock/Playa Negra etc., CR.
Have old photos - advise how to post.

Hasta el proximo vez. Nos vemos.

By Anonymous , 15-10-2010

- An unbelievable amount of intimidation and threats from the usual lot of below average surfers. Maybe the complaints should be directed to the north where a once desolate bluff is now leveled with half-ass homes and lots, trying to capture the almighty profit that has since failed the land to the far north only to leave the N. Baja coast filled with empty frames and shells littering the once prestine coastline. Just be happy you can surf, and if you havn't been surfing more than 20 years, then shut the F Up, earn your stripes and wait your turn.

By Anonymous , 09-01-2010

Casa 55 - My Dad & I had a house in the 70's & 80's, (Casa 55), it was next door to Vince's house. Surf was big during winter 81-82. Sure miss the place, if anyone knows of rentals there, pls pass on the info to
Keep Surfing

By Anonymous , 28-11-2009

Stay out of K55...... you may get your tires slashed or a busted window - I read through the posts on this site that date back a few years. A lot of people are cofused about localism. Its not about "I own this beach" or "you cant surf here". Its a respect thing. When you paddle out at someones home break or where they have a house and have been surfing for years you need to proceed with respect. In the end its a territory thing just like dogs. If you paddle straight out to the peak, pass by all the guys in the line up without saying a word like you own the place and then try to take the first set wave that comes in while your hairs still dry, you deserve to get vibed. Always scope the place out before you paddle out. IF you have been surfing for a while you should be able to tell who "the guys" are out in the line up. Proceed with respect and be humble when surfing a new spot and you just may make some new friends intead of getting beat down on the beach for being a douche bag. Another thing....... K55 is private property. I know a few people with houses in there. You can hate all you want but people pay money for there houses and privacy there. They dont own the water but they do have rights to the land wether they own or lease. If you think you are going to be slick and talk your way past the gaurd and park on private property so you can take the easy route to the waves then your in the wrong. If you get a broken windshield or flat tire its your own fault. You were trespassing and took a stupid risk. This rule goes for anywhere. Mexico is just a little more primative and instead of getting trespassing ticket and your car towed like would happen in the US..... instead you get fucked with. The hard truth is that this whole cove is a private beach and there is no way to access this beach without passing through private property. So technically The residents own the beach unless you came in on boat. In conclusion, I have been going to K55 for over 15 years and there have always been "local" americans and mexicans there that will maek sure you pay the price if your a douche bag and try to sneak in thier camp and then paddle out like you own the place. your better off going to K38 and save yourself the trouble. If not............ all I have to say is........ I told you so. Remember friends are better then ememies.... try to be cool and make some friends wherever you surf. It makes surfing a lot more enjoyable when you know people in the water instead of stink eyeing everyone. It also gets you access to highly localized spots and private beaches.

By Anonymous , 04-10-2009

grannymae - Yes, I know the original name of the camp was Lopez Hide Away. I was there in the 50's and 60 's and we had a trailer there that my father built and it was there for years. Those were the good old days. We didn't fight back then and all the kids became friends. Then surfers came and our parents said as long as you do not harm our kids you are welcome. Everything was great there and the beach was so beautiful. I miss the fishing there and I miss my friends. Skip I miss you also. ---Mary

By locales reales , 05-07-2008

Campo Lopez?? - they suck fucking renagades gringos. They think they own in mexico ha! Not even they keep people out, they kick us mexicans real local surfer from baja out. a la chingada!! me cagan!!!

By Anonymous , 04-06-2008

K55 is back! - great suf this past weekend may/29-31/2008!! at K55. clean, glassy, fun!

By East Los , 27-11-2007

ak47 ??? - You sound like every punk, uneducated spoiled surfer that unfortunately seems to be common these days. Your not Mexican, so it dose not matter how much, or when mommy and daddy paid for “their property” it is just a lease!!! I have been surfing more in Mexico, and I am finding that most of the true local MEXICANS, are getting sick of putos like you!! The ocean is for everyone!!!!!!

By , 17-05-2007

Buffalo Bill & The Bell Bottom Bandit lives ! - Its true, before I had friends who owned houses there, I was told twice my car would be vadalized if I didnt leave, even though I thought I flew under the radar! I do understand, Its a fickle wave, gets perfect only a few times a year and unfair to owners and locals to be mobbed. Sometimes during the week, really good with no one out. Weekends are no good. I see 5 guys show up in a range rover at San Miguel and wonder what went wrong...
I guess its about using common scence and having a friendly attitude.

By El Gringo Kid , 15-05-2007

Used to be Great - K-55 used to be one of the best beach breaks on the west coast. In the 1970s it broke a lot like Blacks. It was a-frame peaks, mostly lefts and super-hollow. Most waves would spit. The kelp-bed kept it glassy all day when Baja Malibu was blown out. Then the El Nino of 1983 dredged all the sand out to sea and it hasn't broke since. Now it just bounces and surges onto a cobblestone berm. Rest in Peace.

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