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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By the coward , 05-03-2004

You can find better - but it's totally uncrowded

By Natas , 18-02-2004

Hello matp - So this is where you hang out instead of braving the winter in the NW?

By Matp , 18-02-2004

Tow in? - Boca---On smaller(2-4) days line up towards the center of the beach works on mid to high tide. Mid size(4-8) go to the north end of the beach where the rides are very long in either direction( the left is shorter but steeper). You can find decent peaks like this all the way to Castro's cove( on really, really big days there is a wave inside the cove at mid tide that gets more than fun!) along the beach road, which gated on north end so no cars can get through without permission. On big days line up towards the South end of the beach for a left point like set-up. But, I've never seen tow-ins going on there is a cloudbreak about a 1/2 mile out that shows up on big days but, I think it's just breaking on a kelp bed.

By Tim , 18-02-2004

Fun When Big - I surf here when it was like 15 foot! It was breaking like a half mile out so the paddle was a bitch, but it was well worth it once you got out there. Perfect lefts and rights...Double to Triple overhead...The locals were telling me that on really big swells(15 foot +) that people will acctually tow in surf here...Im thinking abuot trying that next time i surf here on a big day...Over all...Fun when big...Mushy when small... always fun on a long board (LONG RIDES!!!) Highly recomended for long boarding!!!

By Be Dubious , 17-02-2004

Reply - I surfed it because of the accomodations at Coyote Cal's. Had the girlfirend with me. I am sure there are better spots around, but the only one close to Erendira was Punta Cabras and that sucked.

By matp , 07-02-2004

udidittospiteme - or you can surf the otherside of the headland or un front of castros on a big swell or so many other place nearby why the hell didja surf the river mouth unless its a tiny swell the river is a bust drive the 2 hrs further to quatros

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