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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Baja Norte


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By Matt G , 09-04-2003

baja advise - as summer approaches and eyes turn south, please remember not only to be responsible for your your own trash but take 20 minutes and a Hefty or two and clean surrounding area. DO NOT COME TO BAJA SUR IN GROUPS OF 4 OR MORE AND UNLOAD OUT OF THE RENTED SUBURBAN/VAN. NOT COOL.

By , 09-04-2003

no betta place to live!! - hey yall been writing in a feww of my experiences in baja on this site. If you live in southern california "your livin" baja is a few miles south home of the eternal fountain of youth and stoke. i've travelled and seen great stuff ( indo costa rica etc) but it all comes back to baja . I f I were to suggest a few spots here they would be>>

salsipuiedes>> very heavy , definite thrill ride .winter

vatious in ensenada>> awesome spots all along the ensenada entrance, but watch your car

punta cabras>> never epic but quite the spot to camp and realize silence is grand( clean up your trash though!)

quatro casas>> hit during summer on heavy south , cold

santispac>> good all year , expect the mighty swells of the sea of cortez

san juanico>> if your in cabo and expect a strong south drop everything and head up north from ciudad insurgentes and witness this magical wave, if the awe doesn't stun you then try and surf this wave.

san pedrito>> great camping , one of my best trips involved this place going off .

monuments>>my bro dave and chris witnessed my first straight up deep barrel here. good left good left.

zippers>> localism has killed this place , but if you see a chance try getting one wave at least!

there are many other spots too, so leave egos and aggression at home with work, enjoy your trip and best of all clean up your trash and don't break bottles at the beach! keep surfin!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 12-11-2002

Baja - Baja is great. NO freakin crowds. Baja doesnt start until after ensenada. I had the pleasure in expierencing this place. I will probably do more expoloration of it as well. Please dont crowd this place. It is very dangerous. Your better off surfing trestles

By anonymous , 08-12-2000

Northern Baja - The water tends to be a little colder than Orange County so bring a wetsuit, even in the summer. There are many good spots from Tijuana down through Ensenada. In that short distance there are good point, reef and beach breaks. Many of the breaks have rocky bottoms, so booties is a good option. There are also several spots with sea urchins. K35-38 are popular with american surfers so they sometimes get crowded, but finding an uncrowded break is rarely a problem. Knowing a little spanish will definately help in the more rural areas.

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