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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Baja wise ass , 11-07-2005

Got poop? - The sewage flows beautifully down the cliffs into the water and the music does also. You wont be there on the right day when the right part of this place breaks. Just surf the other waves nearby and tell your buddys you rip and everything will be OK.Deep Baja Bro "I was shreding guy" TGO top guy out.

By anonymous , 29-10-2004

Paradise! - With shrooms just around the corner...Short dry hair paddle out, top to bottom barreling wave, natural arena for spectators, guarded parking area, great hotel to stay, top quality food, great nite life with a pick-up bar full of rich middle age women... this fucking spot has it all!

By anonymous , 05-02-2004

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By anonymous , 17-12-2003

no title - I think the description here is not of Calafia, but of a better break south which shall remain unnamed. There are lots of local sponger dorks, but the break is fun.

By anonymous , 18-10-2003

this is not a northwest swell spot - Califia is a straight south spot, hurricane swell the best. Dig the music from the disco as you knock your fins off on the rocks that pop up suddenly on the inside.

By me anon again , 06-08-2003

Bouy's on the rise...!!! - ROOKIES! This spot is also NOT a learning spot. What is up with all you kooks just sitting out there causing traffic problems in the line-up while you should be on the cliff, heart-racing, scared instead of scratching around getting in people's way! ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! The world is losing patience, NOT just me. FOOL'ios sitting there observing just like a BOUY(on the rise)!. GET A CLUE.
OH, and how about the peanut gallerie on the cliff that did NOT even make it out BUT HAVE A COMMENT FOR EVERYONE! You kooks make me laugh as you drive back north to the crowds after you claim"I caught the biggest waves and barrrels at Calafia!" right....sure...ah huh!?!?

By marc , 27-07-2003 - SHIFTY, Not that good. Closes out more than often. It's the gem that you get one that doesnt. Anyway only gets big enough once a year or so,all those guys out on the under6ft days are sitting most of the time or scratching around trying to get one.Anyone remember LINDA? when has that happen since? or years before? Novelty spot, just to say you surfed it, right tough guys?

By Mayate , 17-07-2003

Great spot - On a straight south, this place can go off!!!

By mendez , 29-06-2003

calafia drainage - BEware of the raw poop dump outlets at calafia. You might leave with organisms growing on you, or smelling bizzare.

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