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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By El Gringo Kid , 19-05-2007

Jagged Disco Death - Ride big south-swell right-hand barrels while listening to disco music blaring from the cliff-side bar. Barnacle encrusted lava rocks litter the line-up. Don't straighten out unless you want to loose your fins. And don't dive off head first. Better yet say in the Calafia bar and drink tequila with all the day-trippers and just pretend to surf. It's safer.

By Anonymous , 30-08-2006

July 1995 - Big South, 4 guys out looooong rippable and steep waves at Calafia. water was high 50s, rocks were sharp and Keith was ripping

By anonymous , 22-06-2006

RE Paradise: - where is this bar full of rich middle age women?

By atomicrooster , 14-03-2006

not for everyone - Iv'e been surfing this spot since '72 and have seen the crowds increase every year. Funny though, seems the same guys get the best waves.Watch out for the orange kneeboarder, he get's all of his waves and half of yours too.

By lostintheuk , 26-02-2006

Great Place - So many losers posting on here it boggles my mind. Bulletin board tough guys.

Good place. Colder water than nearby. The boil/rock outcropping just off the restaurant marks the main take off on strong souths. Straight is perfect. One of the few spots that picks up a southeast. A mild cross short period west, nw helps out. Hard to get just right. In the winter, go around to the north of the hotel. In the little bay. Just kick out prior to the breakwall, or you'll be sitting on the rocks. The restaurant is quite good. Try the mixed seafood nachos platter, with blue marlin tacos. Good shite. Great area. A little attitude, from older socal types, who walk around with West Coast chopper hats and ink. Surfed this place for a long time. Good on many occasions. Epic on 1. Hit or miss. Can have the perfect conditions on the charts, and still doesn't come together. Some guys call it Urchins. Hence, wear booties. There is one section, just inside of the main takeoff that throws off a large boil. Kind of hard to catch just right. always worth taking a look. but by the time you park, get in, and get out, no time for elsewhere. Hence, long drive if its iffy.

By Maui Transplant , 15-02-2006

EPIC when its on... - I caught this place twice in 2002 and 2003 on big south swells and it was some of the best waves I've ever ridden. It was double overhead with bigger clean-ups. I've surfed Todos a few times and this place definitely has the same pucker factor and can ruin your day fast! It's not uncommon to be held down and catch eight wave sets on the head. Add the sketchy cliff and rocks and its a day of surfing you'll remember for a long time.

By Juan Alkatraz , 16-10-2005

fin scraping bottom turns............... - WOW < Punta los ongos and Calafia on the web ...............these are good spots fools it took years to learn about all this info that is on your finger tips now ......que suerte no ?suertudos.................

By STONE , 29-09-2005

this place breaks year-round - yeah, this place breaks OK on a NW swell, but it's definitely better on a south or southwest. During the winter, it breaks out further on the reef at the tip of the point. During the summer, it breaks on the boils about halfway out the point---es mucho mejor.

BUT---it breaks notoriously close to the rocks that line the cliff. I've surfed it since the 70's, it's kinda hit or miss, and it's usually not crowded. The rocks tend to scare the shit out of people, not to mention the stroll down the cliff. Kneeboarders kill this spot.

By Ensenada Surfer , 26-07-2005

Calafia - My best surfing sesion in my life was in CALAFIA, around 10 ft, perfect clean waves. It was a big summer south swell 10 years a go. I have not surf sence that day...

By Bill , 13-07-2005

Breaks best on a South!! - First of all this place only reaches its full potential on a stright south and on a nice high tide. At least 5.5' or higher. When it all comes together (about once or twice a year) the place goes off. But, and this is a big but, it is fucking gnarly, not for the faint of heart, it may look easy and perfect from the cliff, but this place has serious power...and big sharp rocks just below the surface throughout the wave. When its really on it is perfect! And steep and hard to paddle into, add to that the fact that when you are taking off you can see these big ass rocks just a couple feet below the surface. And its twice as big as it looks from the cliff. The first time I surfed it we got to the bottom of the steep trail that goes down to the very inside of the bay and there was a dead guy washed up on the rocks, looked like he'd been there thrashing around on the rocks for a day or two, pretty intimidating. So we called the place "Dead Mexicans" for a few years after that. And on that first session there, my buddy ate shit on his first wave, riding a brand new board, with a brand new leash, the wave just snaped his leash like it was a piece of string. And the new board was more beat up than that dead mexican. And it was not a fun swim for him, swimming into the rocks, in an attempt to save the brand new board, with images of that dead body that had been torn up by the very same rocks he was now trying to get through. Any way, he almost got killed and was all cut up and his wet suit was torn in several places. From the cliff it looked like it was head high and easy perfect pealing waves, no one out, but when we got out there it was actually several feet over head and VERY powerful. And all those rocks that are exposed at mid and lower tides were just below the surface. I got 5 good waves in an hour and a half and felt lucky. Useually the place is two spots, the outside and the inside. The two only connect on a big south and with a very high tide. Then the place turns into uberwave. But if you dont have the balls and you go out when the place is "on" you are going to end up paddling around trying in vane to get into a wave that you don't think will smack you into the rocks. And to anyone who reads this, if you eat shit here on a big swell, one the first wave in the are fucked. Better play it safe and go to K38.

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