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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Baja malibu

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By WOB , 03-05-2003

what the boofertan?? - This place is sick!!! Fast and heavy, all day Ray getting pitted, Koopy busting errors........the place goes off! It's a must, don't get caught on the inside and if you do spend the rest of the day looking for Sand Dollars, so you can give Kristin something she can never find.

By kelly S , 10-04-2003

gringo - don't diss the poo tube before tried a gapping, deep and dirty one for yourself.

By shaka khan , 09-04-2003

big baja malibu - i agree with the previous poster... last summer (2002) I saw just endless sets lining up at baja malibu... just HUGE freightrain barrels. scary shit :) and the person who posted about rips is right too.. I paddled out during that swell i just mentioned and was taken like 1/2mi -> 1mi north in NO time... and yes, I agree with the talk about the turds.. they're lurking.

By enormo , 22-03-2003

Sick barrels but sicker water - When on some of the biggest meanest barrels anywhere. Unfortunately, HEAPS OF POO! I won't even surf this spot anymore. Hepatitis is not on my "to do" list.

By anonymous , 04-03-2003

Sewage Central - Man this place is disgusting. Mexico does not have any treatment plants. All the sewage just dumps straight into the ocean. That sewage smell and funk comes from Punta Banderas right up the road - its a huge sewage dump point. Good waves at baja malibu, but it is a filthy place

By anonymous , 19-02-2003

hello - I agree with the low tide. When the tide gets low - watch out - its like the jetstream. But, I don't agree with the spot not being polluted - if its not polluted then what is that smell that is always around - crispy funk - and its not just when it rains. Very unhealthy, loads of bacteria in the water. Great waves and barrels when its on.

By anonymous , 22-12-2002

two stars my ass - this place can be like blacks on steroids. when it is really big forget it you will get hammered and probably never get out. check out the protected spots when it is maxing. it picks up a lot of swell and is seldom packed out. water is no dirtier than SD unless you have a lot of rain. get out there and get barrelled!!!

By Baja Willie , 20-12-2002

Can Get Excellent - Barrels here can get tall and excellent. Some of my best Baja memries ever...

By G , 05-08-2002

low tide - This place is usually really fun until the tide gets real low. A super rip pops up and its really hard to paddle. You can watch you friend paddle out and due a 10mph sprint sideways without even paddling in that direction. Some of my buddies arn't to good at surfing and they will travel a football field length without getting outside, due to the rip. Then they get out of the water, walk back, and do it over and over again before they end up sitting on the beach, but hey - at least they have some spirit. Real fun wave.

By flying dutchman , 25-07-2002

can be epic - This wave can be world class and snap you and your board in half. I surfed this spot in the winter 6-8 feet, epic barrels, breaks very hard. Parking is a hassle, if you leave your stuff in the car you shit will get robbed, lots of banditos.
This spot is not for beginners!!!

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