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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Baja malibu

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Dylah , 06-08-2004

BM is gnarly - Baja malibu is awesome. i surfed it in October 2003.. best waves of my life. total shack time every wave it was nuts. im goin back in a week. been surfing there for several years the pollution doesnt seem to be that bad cuz i havent gotten sick yet.

By anonymous , 29-03-2004

14 year old shortboarder - This message is for the 14 year old girl making the transition from longboarding to shortboarding. When there is a solid NW swell you are probalbly better off sitting on the beach and wathcing. Baja malibu is a heavy beach break with a lot of currents when there is a decent swell. When it is under head high you should have fun here. But there are plenty of spots that are fun pointbreak and very very soft when there is swell. My suggestion is go in the summer baja malibu is not as big but it still does get big. But it definately gets bigger in the NW swell season. As far as the soft point break waves most of them are south of Rosarito about 15 to 20 minutes south of Baja Malibu. Near puerto nuevo there is a point break that has a cement drive down it is kelpy but has long soft righthand waves you will probably like this wave because of the combination of lack of crowd and softness. This wave is like terra mar in San Diego County. Halfway house is a good beachbreak without a crowd but it closes out anything over six foot. La fonda rivermouth is kinda of powerful but it is an extremely long paddle when the surf is big. K-55 is a tubey beachbreak. Cantamar is a good option for you as far as crowd and your ability then there is also Rosarito which can get good on a combo swell and offshore wind. There is also sand dunes there is often good sand banks right after rain or heavy offshore winds. baja has waves of all types but remember the water is a few degrees colder than San Diego have fun exploring.

By concerned surfer girl , 10-03-2004

Is it possible for me to surf here? - First off, im 14, a girl, and just now making the transition from longboarding to shortboarding. (please. dont give me a hard time, im just asking for some advice) My family and the family of a friend of mine (who is just starting surfing as well) are planning a road trip to baja sometime during the summer. Frankly I'm a little worried about it because, obviously i don't know if my skill level is up for baja yet, so im kind of freaking out. Thats why im on this website, to check out some spots. We'd also like to stay away from crowds, but that may be unavoidable. Do you think it would be possible for me to surf at baja malibu, or is it too advanced? If so, can you give me some ideas? I'm going to end up going, but i'd like to have a good time, rather than sitting and watching the sets roll by. So, please, can you help me out?

By anonymous , 08-01-2004

poo poo - surfed there last weekend. saw a bunch of big brown sharks float by. i'll be back in the water in 2-4 weeks. bm's here i come.

By slow carve , 09-12-2003

soapy a frame - i remember paddling out here and the water was filled with soap suds, not sea foam, so the water was kind of clean that day, san diego county water in general is nasty after a rain storm or big swell,anyway, baja malibu gets perfect.

By south bay SD , 07-11-2003

baja pipes...... - This place fires. Yes, the water can be nasty but it is not unbearable unless there has been a storm. Disgusting is over doing it. This place with the exception of IB and Blacks makes most beach breaks look silly. It is consistent, breaks on all swells, and barrels like crazy. keep thinkin its polluted boys...........we will take these waves anyday.

By anonymous , 10-08-2003

very underrated - one of the best breaks in northern baja as long as your not an old session here makes you realize just how mushy the majority of beachbreaks in socal are...this place has grinding barrels, i caught it on a combo south grondswell and nw windswell, sick lefts wedging everywhere with no crowd at all...blows la fonda away as well, and you dont have to pay to park there

By HepaTightAss , 12-07-2003

You'll get sick and DIE - You'll get sick and DIE. Raw sewage from 6 million people who live in TJ. Half the shit flows to Baja Malibu (raw) and the other half to Imperial Beach. Both places get great surf and loads of crap. Forget Northern Baja. I'll take the States over that anytime. Take an extra day and drive south of San Quetin (sp). Then you are in REAL Baja. That northern stuff is just tourist crap (except for Todos...that's the real deal).

By Motril man , 10-07-2003

Heavy - Thunder in comparison to socal. Great place to sign on to Mex and feel the power. Too big for crowds. Heavy current--shape is overrated. Very Zuma-like. Getting wasn't a problem--but kinda sketchy.

By ewing2surf , 09-06-2003

The Indicator - Driving south on the Toll road out of Tijuana La Playa you pass through a stretch of rocky headlands then the road opens up and you can see miles straight flat beach. When a 4 foot plus south swell is on the water you can see an endless line of left barrels working their way north. Breaks like Zuma on a 185 degree angle South Swell. If you want grinding tubes then you have found your spot however all the good right point breaks are 20 kilos south.

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