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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Baja malibu

Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 17-01-2006

why me - well i was at bms no too long ago and was really stoked to see that the surf was very very good. so i went out and came back t a car with three huge key scratches on each side of my car. i was pissed and wanted to get revenge but on who. an older lady who leaves there said that i deserved it cuz no one should park in neighborhood cuz i didnt live there. so i would advise most people to park up top in the lot and leave the locals alone only surf there...cheers everyone i dont want anyone to go through what i did

By Shack after Shack , 17-01-2006

A single pintail won't do it!!! - Came here in late dec. '05. Waves were cranking at 10-12 feet. About 20-25 guys out. Saw people get the barrels of their lives. Snapped my board and nearly went to take pics. as waves were SOOO good. If you decide to go and charge, please bring minimum 2-3 boards as they will get shredded. PEACE

By anonymous , 07-01-2006

If you park, they will lose air! - A Warning. If you park inside BM's community be very forwarned that you will get a flat tire. The locals are pissed at the gate issue and the crime is bad enough as it is. It's happened twice to me in the past month. Good luck.

By Big Bill-San Luis Obisbo , 05-12-2005

Baja Malibu Hassles - I stopped by BM on a great day in early November 2005, the waves were classic, wheather sunny with blue skys and offshore winds. It was perfect. I met with one the older (surfer friendly) Baja Malibu residents (Tom) I remembered him from the Mexican Surf Fiesta in San Miguel, a really nice guy. He told me that the was a big rift with the residents over the surfer accessing the beach thru Baja Malibu. he said he wanted to get the beach stairway fixed (its not in good condition)But he was having a difficult time convincing other residents to help; two reasons; many residents just do not like surfers entering the community, in past surfer behavior has been less than acceptable to them. And as always the parking problem is significant . The City (TJ) has forced them to remove their community gate, so now you can drive down to the street nearest the beach and park...That, of course, makes the people living closer to the water very unhappy.
Tom told me that you can drive straight down to the stairway and just park next to the houses on the street going down. he reminded me that the Mexican Constitution guarantees public access to the ocean. And he, for one, welcomes the surfing public. He told me if anyone hassles you; tell them your a friend of Tom's ( his house is next to the Cafe/Bar/Liquor store (# 2B I think)

By big boy , 24-10-2005

- please do not park inside on the streets! the gate has been down for two weeks and already we have had problems with parking and random people using my hose and changing on my property. everyone was fine walkin when the gate was up so please park up top and make it less stressful for the people who live down there because its not helping the problem. and be respectful just because its mexico doesnt mean u can do anything you want people do l;ive there so just remember please. you wouldnt want mexicans coming to the states and changin and parking near or on your property would u???????

By anonymous , 18-09-2005

forget about it - Just came back from northen baja yesterday. checked this spot first thing and there were a minimum of 30 guys out. well can't say for sure becuase I saw 10 guys suiting up, two or three headed for the beach but the sun had been up for almost an hour. went down to la fonda and surfed with 40 guys all spread out among 3 peaks. at least 100 camping surfers there. te only saving grace was that everyone must have gotten real drunk the night before, so most of them did't paddle out until about 10. epic waves the gig is up. forget about it, baja is over. save your money and go to indo, the terrorists will keep it inexpensive and uncrowded for years to come.

By Baja Margie , 27-07-2005

New Info - The KOA is long gone, & now there has been a new court ruling that neither Punta Bandera nor Baja Malibu can have locked gates. When this ruling will go into affect is anyone's guess, but what it means is that the public will no longer be denied access, so guess you can park on the streets of BM, and not have to bribe the guard. Crime is at an all time high, two guards whacked at Baja Del Mar, one murder-robbery at SADM, and many breakins. There will be a new ID system at SADM, residents will have stickers on their vehicles, it will be more difficult to get in, park and walk down to BM. Meanwhile, yep, heh there's alot of ShArKs here, the canyons are full of fish. The pollution is widely improved, take a looksie a a satelite map, and you can see the current running out and north. Treatment centers are working at full capacity, but who knows what will happen with all this new development around here. Meanwhile, please get envolved with Wildcoast or whoever you want to get envolved with and let's STOP this proposed LNG plant out by the Coronado Islands. We lost Harry's, let's not lose this to the greedy SOB's. Meanwhile, take it easy, Resist Bush, respect the Mexican surfers, and I'm outta here, going surfin at BM.

By anonymous , 20-06-2005

corrupt police suck - Baja Malibu is nuts. waves are perfect, crowd factor isnt high, etc. but teh police suck ass. every time i go down, the police in TJ bull shit us into paying them money. they pull next to you to make sure ur white, than they turn on their sirens and get you by the balls. they'll say you were speeding, while there are mexican goin 10mph faster than you; they know it and you know it... they hate white people. butyou cant argue with them or they'll throw your ass in jail and take everything. so you end up 20-40 dollars poorer and in a pissed off moood

By Kevin , 05-06-2005

BM or BLACKS? - Which spot is bigger and more consistent, Baja Malibu or Blacks Beach?

By tikihut , 19-05-2005

paid the guard, lost my car - just surfed BM's this past south swell and caught it alright. I paid the guard before my session and came back to a stolen car. The guard claims he saw nothing. So be aware, nothing is safe.

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