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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By Carlos Castaneda ( the surf nagual) , 07-08-2004

take your turn - Anyone caught snaking people at Salsipuedes will be subject to a swift kick in the colon. The enforcer will go loco on yo ass. Don't make me send you into the second attention along with Don Genaro

By anonymous , 05-08-2004

Sals Right Point - No sand or cobblestones to make this point work on a small swell. Needs a 2 meter plus west or north west to start breaking but is best when every other spot is maxed out.

By Surf rider , 04-08-2004

Nasty Rumor - I heard a rumor that Salis. has been closed? We have a group headed down there is weekend to check out that perfect right break we've been hearing about. Does anyone know if it's still open? Wouldn't want to drive all the way down there and find out we can't get access.

By The Drunk , 30-07-2004

- Oh yah We dont need any facilities

By The Drunk , 30-07-2004

Any spot near to south? - Thanks Vis. Do you know of any spots south of Ensenada with good camping(not a whole lot of people) that takes a south swell. How about Punta San Jose? or is ther others?

By the vis , 30-07-2004

- hasn't been sold yet. taco stand open. South won't really work. Needs west to northwest.

By The Drunk , 29-07-2004

- im going down next weekend with my two sons

By The Drunk , 29-07-2004

When is D-Day? - Does anybody know when they are gonna start building here? and will a south swell sneak in to north break(in front of the camp grounds. And last is the taco stand still being run in the campground?

By another surfer... , 08-07-2004

Salsi is Doomed!!! - Go to and see for yourself. Everyone who reads this should contact that asshole Don Glunts and try to disuade the sale of Salsi. It does not make sense to turn a perfect pristine spot that thousands can enjoy year round for almost no $$ into a place for the elite who will only enjoy it once a year and will not even surf it!!! In the end it will end up messing up the local ecosystem and make the wave disappear. Better yet, here is Don's info: United States Representative: Don Glunts. PH#:(310) 306-5075

By searching for peace in baja , 24-06-2004

so long salsipuedes - What a beautiful spot, what a beautiful wave. Unfortunately Ive got to say so long to another of my favorite nothern baja nuggets. It makes my stomach sick and my heart cry when I see the amount of fools that bombard this spot today. So many memories splitting the peak at double overhead with just a friend or two. Those days are gone. I still can't resist the place on a big west during the winter on a weekday, but the place is so blown up on the weekends, the ugly American scene makes me ashamed to be associated. For those that do continue to surf this spot, have respect , there's not many gems like this left in northern baja. Also, remember, karma is alive and well and especially applies in Mex! There's no better place to get spanked down and humbled than baja.

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