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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By the real Dr.Becker , 03-01-2005

what the? - Twice now in the last month i have negotiated the dirt road down to the bottom of the cliff,suited up and been ready to paddle out only to have gnarly looking guard ranchero type guys swoop on me telling me salsipuedes is closed.If i would have paddled out before they showed up I would have never seen my truck again. It seems like some days they are there and others they are not. its justnot worth the chance anymore,besides San Miguel is better anyway

By anonymous , 27-12-2004

becker - i had the time of my life when a perfect WNW came roaring to the baja coastline....AAAHAHAHA....hmm maybe it "isnt" closed...have fun!

By In a hand basket , 30-11-2004

Sold - This place was sold to the Japs. They plan on building a marina,hotel. Go to the local municpal and see the deed for yourself.

By Ed W. Beckett , 18-11-2004

URCHINS AND DREADFUL CROWS - a necessary evil I suppose. Salsi is closed. Went by this morning 11-19-04, and couldn't believe it. How could they close this place? Oh well.
Viva Morrissey.

By Diegito , 18-11-2004

salsi update - salsipuedes is closed.I was rousted at top of cliff by some guy telling me the magic days are gone.It is much easier to just go to San Miguel or Saldamondado

By Jim Rome...Out! , 10-11-2004

closed it is - There is a cannon at the gate ready to destroy all who trespass. Beware!

Please only surf Baja Malibu (BM's)

By cc , 01-11-2004

Not Sold - SAl has not been sold...I repeat...SAl has not been sold.
and the owners name is not the dog...Gorda does not whoever is passing out these lies is getting all the good surf, while everyone else is sitting back wondering...
Salsipuedes is open. No one has been turned away from Sal unless they were out of hand...or are one of the few that try to sneak out without paying....We are very upset that someone would go around spreading rumors and lies about has been on the market for years and like anything else in Mex, it can get sold...but right now it is still open, you guys are missing out the the winter swell...

By , 14-10-2004

Closed? - I went to salsi on 10/8/04 and left on 10/10/04 and saw no problems with it being closed. i've heard through the rumor mill that a hotel and golf course will be constructed there in the near future, but haven't seen any changes yet.

I'm also going down this friday 10/15 to check it out in person. i'll be sure to give you all an update on Monday when i get back.

PS. the point wasn't breaking while i was down there last week...only the main peak.

By carlos castaneda , 11-10-2004

double confirmation on closure - I was turned away at the gate 10-10-04. Salsipuedes is now officially as hard to get into as the Ranch.
The Blue Scout says the hotel will start construction in Jan '05 and the marina in March '05. You may want to think about surfing Salsi while DREAMING cuz that's the only option now. Burning from the fire within....

By stay away , 08-10-2004

yes it is closed - Yes it is closed...please don't come. You will be turned away at the gate. If you try to sneak on you will be shot by Juan Valdez and he will feed you to his angry Rottweiler.

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