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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Mexico, Baja Norte

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By flamingo , 24-11-2005

salsi is closed - stopped by on my way down to cabo.was told at the bottom of the road by some gnarley looking rancheros to leave or lose my truck.good thing I didnt paddle out or my truck would be gone.

By juan , 21-11-2005

swell direction - anyone know on what swell direction does salsipuedes break?

By DBecker. , 13-11-2005

beware Salsipuedes - Salsipuedes is sold and closed. My wife and I drove to the bottom of the road to look at the waves on our way home from punta baja.We were told by some gnarly looking rancheros to leave immediatly and told that if we had paddled out and left my truck behind that it would have confiscated as well.I guess the magic days are gone ,it was going to happen sooner or later.I wil just keep driving to punta mysto.

By psycho , 07-11-2005

winter of 82 - We were coming back from fishing the gulf and some waves near sandy point , big swell in febuary . couldnt figure out how to get down the cliff . top to bottom walls reeling for hundreds of yards around the point HUGE . Todos waves visible on the horizon (god only knows what it was like out there ) We watched in AWE and then drove up to santa cruz , the whole coast maxing and closing out (except rincon ). Some thing one never forgets .........sort of a J bay on steroids

By Bummed in Baja , 10-10-2005

We were robbed at Salsi! - My girlfriend I were robbed at gun point by two young men at the camgpround at Salsipuedes Thursday night, Oct.6 2005. All of our gear was taken from us and one of them tried to rape my girlfriend,he was groping her and was about to force her to give him oral when one of them spooked. The drove off with her purse my wallet, and two boards along with my wetsuit. Baja is fucked.

By cc , 10-09-2005

one more thing - if someone is there telling you the place is closed...they are full of it and don't belong there..
it sounds like some of you are being lead on by someone who doesn't want you there...and I can tell you it isn't the workers or the one that lives at Salsipuedes will tell you you can't go in or that the place is close...if you do go there and run into someone filling your head...the go to the ranch house and ask for Fernando....he needs to know that someone is messing with you guys.

By cc , 10-09-2005

Salsipuedes. is OPEN!!!! - Salsipuedes is open.. is open now and will be for a long for the place being sold...well anything is for sell in mex...but Salsipuedes will be with us for some time to come...Sept. the 23,24 and 25th is the Baja bash...20 bands and lots of fun...
someone is passing around rumors that the place is close...wonder if the ones doing that are getting the good waves...while everyone else is thinking they can't go there and surf..esp. with the winter swell coming,,and I do have a good shot of the point working in the winter...
I live there and can tell you the the camp site is open and rumors are flying all over....yes Salsipuedes is for sale...but nothing has come of it yet../

By Baja Margie coming to you LIVE from SADM , 28-07-2005

Does anyone remember - the ship that was beached here, used to be a landmark...OMG, that was 35 years ago. And does anyone remember, there was a sort of translation for Salsipuedes, it went; 'get out if you can', or the 'place you can't get out of' or something like that. Does anyone remember?
Does anyone remember 3M's?? Yea, I know, when they put my ggggggeneration in the nursing homes, they'll be playing Jimi Hendrix over the loudspeakers. Anyway, it sure is pretty down there lookin back up at the cliffs, reminds me of camping down at Playa Coyote.

By Dawn , 09-07-2005

camp - Does anybody know the camping situation? I have two small dogs and I know there might be some coyotes in the area. Or if there is any other nice spots to camp and surf nearby, besides La Fonda.

By Nelphred , 14-04-2005

Great Surf Spot - Amazing reef break consistent on swells or point brak if it is breaking. Water Quality is great and quite a drive down. Good plae to camp or drive down each day.

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