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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 19-12-2002

Salsipuedes name... - I think a lot of these posts mistakenly translate the name of this spot. It's Sal-Si-Puedes -- using your basic Spanish from high school, it reads, "Leave, if you can." The reference is more to the road off of the highway. As stated by many, if it starts raining and you are at parked at the camp, your chances of leaving are slim! The wave IS heavy, too, but that is not how the spot got named.

By Don Juancho , 19-11-2002

this weekend - Heading down this weekend with mi esposa. This place is great now that the truck's busted and no more cabras trips.
I hope it ain't closed- and when they build the resort they better leave acceso a la playa. Guy in the motorhome blasting motorhead needs to go back home(HB)

By anonymous , 12-11-2002

not true - I was just there a couple of days ago. Still able to camp

By , 23-10-2002

Is Salsipuedes still open??? - I have heard from more than one reliable source that Salsi was closing the camp grounds after Labor Day 2002. Can anyone confirm this???

By , 29-05-2002

Salsi Camping - I went for 3 days this Memorial Day weekend. Ive been coming here for 5 years, and the place was more full than Ive ever seen it. They even have a friggen taco shop now on the campgrounds, which Helps when you run out of beer and fireworks. The surf was weak, but the overall environment was perfect. Nowhere else can you show up with out a reservation on memorial weekend, to camp for 7 bucks a night, and have a hell of a time.

By anonymous , 11-05-2002

salsi rules - all who wish to partake, please tread lightly. mr. trailer boy who wants to yell at us, you are the one changing this pristene landscape, we respect those who respect the land! the waves at salsi can fire under the right conditions, lets keep them open for all to enjoy!

By , 06-02-2002

More Sasipuedes info - Check out this other webpage too, some basic info on camping at salsipuedes.

By gambero , 06-12-2001

Respect Salsipuedes - If you come down, respect the trailer residents. We've had some hassles with kooks littering, random shitting, etc. Respect.

By Adios , 01-11-2001

Get out while you can - In the winter 2000 and it started drizzling. One of the local girls who watches the campsite came running down and made everyone leave. We were just mud bogging like crazy trying to get up the hill and out. Almost didn't make it. We asked the girl and she said that people get stuck here all the time when it rains, thats why we tell the people to leave. Lucky for us there is not much rain in Northern Baja

By anonymous , 23-10-2001

get out while you can ! - the name salsipuedes also referred to the road down to the ranch and the 70s the trail in was as bad or worse than the paddle out at the point on a big day!...
and if it got rainy during your often had to let it dry get out!

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