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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Mexico, Baja Norte

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By anonymous , 30-10-2003

TO ALL - Why don't you all stop crying about the crowds " AND JUST BE HAPPY TO BE SURFING!"

By , 08-10-2003

trailor for sale - I have a trailor for sale at salsipuedes. anyone interested or knows of anyone, email me

By tijuana gringo , 28-09-2003

address of the sellout - if anyone wants to hear the drums rumbling in the distance you can go to read their lovely little sales pitch in English ay nature conservancy where are you now?

By Squaernze , 23-09-2003

Only a matter of time - what can we say guys, ease of travel makes any previously "unknown" spot, now very known. I really don't see any way around it. Even if everyone in California today stopped having babies, all the people coming in will learn to surf the CA slop and then go to Mex for the good waves once they're "experienced". Anyway, as I look at all the postings on this website, why is everyone so negative? Its like we're competing for the highschool football team, was sup with dat? Here comes a bold statement... Surfers are turning into aggressive gym monkeys.

By Don Juancho , 17-09-2003

GOT AN EXTRA $16 MIL? - Uhhh...unless someone can come up with an extra 16 million, no one can stop the developers. Please stop promoting this place. It'll be bought and sold someday. We can only hope the wave will still be rideable to the public. Don't you see, the more people know about Salsipuedes, the more people come to mexico, and the more people want to buy land in mexico. We can only delay this from happening. Sooner or later, it'll be one sprawl from Ensenada to Ventura. No way to stop it. We can only enjoy it while it lasts. This is not supposed to sound depressing. Surf Salsipuedes and be respectful of the Mexicans. It is a priveledge to go there. God knows if they came to our side of the border, they'd be sent right back.

By anonymous , 12-09-2003

salsipuedes - it has not been sold...but is for sale...has been...we just want to make sure that it doesn't get sold...we also have a trailer down there...

By anonymous , 11-09-2003

Confirm Salsipuedes sold - Anonymous: Is it true that Rancho Salsipuedes sold? I hope not, I too have a trailer there. Please confirm. Thanks

By Countyline design , 06-09-2003

to those who are against a helping salsipuedes - did everyone know that salsipuedes is for sale...they want to put a marina and golf course on the best surfing spot...all I am trying to do is hold on to salsipuedes and help Alisha and Fernando out...they have already started a small shop for your surfing needs and I am lending them the boards to rent and helping to supply their small shop..getting more people to learn about the spot and maybe, just maybe if we all get together, we can prevent the selling of the land...and keep Salsipuedes from going those who wrote the letters against helping salsipuedes...that is your opinion..thank god other people are open minded and locals or non=locals. if salsipuedes is sold then we will all be out

By get real , 30-08-2003

give me a break!! - u have a horrible idea on the rental/ repair thing in salsipuedes. and if you are a true surfer you would not be telling every tom dick and harry to go out there. it is a spot where only expirienced surfers should surf and not the kooks you get in southern cal ( which is probly you )

By i object to the dumbass sellout!!! , 30-08-2003

are you that desperate????? - ok, to the guy who is trying to start a business at salsipuedes. are you really that desperate??
- who are you trying to make money off of ??
the locals?- who dont have much money to start with and now you are going to try and charge them to surf there?
and secondly you are going in the wrong season. im sure there are some little pulses on the summer swells, but incase you didnt know this, that spot is triggered by strong northwest swells. who is going to rent boards from you ? tourists going for a day at the beach ? IN WATER THAT A FULL SUIT IS NEEDED. AND A ROCKY ASS BEACH WITH NO SAND AT ALL ? MAYBE IF YOUR LUCKY AND TIME YOUR TRIPS THERE CORRECTLY U CAN RENT SOMEONE A BOARD IF THEYVE BROKEN THEIRS BUT IM SURE IT WOULD BE TEMPORARY AND DEFINATLEY NOONE IS GOING TO GO DOWN THE DREADFUL HILL JUST TO GET TO YOUR LAME LITTLE HUT.
what i am trying to tell you is that you have a shitty idea and trying to attract a crowd. the locals that do surf there wont like it. and the surfers that go there are there to surf so im sure they will have the equipment they will need.

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