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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By asukr , 9 Jan

- Each land is a new experience. I really hope to be here. Live and feel the people, culture, history of this land free gift card generator

By oceanminded , 20-12-2010

Don't listen to travel blogs - Hi everyone I am writing to contradict some terrible rumours being cirrculated about Jamacia.

Jamaica has waves. From December till about March it is pretty consistent and can be pumping. I have seen them with my own eyes. It costs between $10 and $20 USD to rent a board, but there are no board shops and it's expensive to import. You can rent boards in Boston Bay, the guys are nice and you can reason with them. I highly recommend Jamnesia Surf Club in Bull Bay. Billy Mystic and his family are awesome! The place as a really chill vibe, and it's on a beach that is barely used by locals and is pretty clean.

It's an amazing country. The culture is distinct in flava. The music pulses. The water and people are warm. The food is unbelievable. AND as long as you play by the rules and don't go venturing alone at night in bad areas of town or dark alley ways, you'll be fine.

Someone might beg you some change, but people do that in cities all over the world. You might get ripped off at a road side stand, but most stores in North America rip you off too ($40 for a t-shirt made by a vietnamese baby?). At least here the person who is selling it to you gets the take that money home to feed their kids.

I cannot stress enought how lovely the people are. All you have to do is flash a smile, ask for help, or strike up a conversation, and people are willing to help you. People are really excited to meet people from away.

As a a 26 year, old Canadian female I was terrified when I first found out I was being sent here. But after three months: I go to beaches alone, surf alone, shop alone in Kingston, go to reggae shows alone. I have never even been pick pocketed. I talk to people about what's safe and get the feel for somewhere before I venture off alone. I stay out of sketchy places. I smile at people they help me. Jamaica is rad you should come here.

Traveling you don't always get what you wanted or expected. Things are different in developing coutnries. Try to remember: We are lucky to come to another coutnry, and explore parts of it the resisdents have never had the opportunity to.

Cheers, and I hope you have a wicked trip.

By Anonymous , 08-06-2010

Negril surfing? - Anyone know if there are waves in or near negril. I'll be there next year and want to surf but were staying in negril and it looks like its a lake. How far is the nearest surf??

By Anonymous , 08-02-2010

rent a board near runaways - Does anyone know if I there is a place to rent a board near or at runaways (north coast)? I will be there for a week and would rather rent one that bring it. Anyone with experience surfing there? Thanks

By Anonymous , 08-01-2008

I wanna surf! - i'm a jamaican looking to catch some waves...with who, where and how can i do that?

By Anonymous , 15-06-2007

jamnesia - I am desperately trying to get in touch with them as well...Can somebody help please...

By Anonymous , 11-06-2007

jamnesia - trying to get in touch with the jamnesia crew. Checked their website and stuff. E-mailed them at the yahoo address to no avail. Can somebody help me .

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