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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By feo , 31-07-2005

on guatemala..... - I know Guate a bit. I speant a couple months there and here is my opinion: Great country, cool indigenous people, rica comida, bonitas montanas. I have been all ovr asia europe and central america and this is one of the most amazing places I have been to. Amazingh Mayan ruins and valcanoes. As far as surf goes, Guate's surf lacks compared to the rest of centro A. Its mostly all beachy and the beaches are hot and sweaty with minimal accomidations. You can defintely surf there and cathc epic days but you got pavones and punta roca to the south and Mex pipe north so it would seem a bit silly to go to Guate to surf sweaty beach. Another way to view it is it will most definitely be an adventure and not crowded, so you have to decide. You can put anything you want on the buses fact you should bring a chicken or 2, six children and a bag of soda if you want to fit in. Thye best thing you could ever do in Guatemala is go to SEMUC CHAPEY---this place is unreal..Buenas suerte

By Sanna , 26-05-2005

Surfing in November? - Hi! Me and my friend is planning a surfer trip in late october/november, is Guatemala a good place to surf at that time? Thanks, Sanna

By , 04-05-2005

driving cental america - A trip is in plan to drive from Cali with the last stop in panama. This will be that of a 4-5-6 month trip stopping in different spots along the way. Has anyone done something like this? I would appreciate you sharing your experiences. Thanks in advance.

By anonymous , 15-04-2005

- Nothing with real potentila eh? o.k mate that's fine you keep saying that..How could that possibly be true??? Guatemala receives exactly the same swell as Mexico and has many new jetties being built on estuary mouths which are forming hollow fat ant fast barelling rights...If you know where to me...YOU WILL BE REWARDED.

By Scott Bride , 16-03-2005

besto of CA - Guatemala is a nice and relax country but not so good to surf, theres a lot of beach break but notting with real potencial, the best of central american its in costa rica, nicaragua (but theres no roads to get to the best beach), el salvador is the other country, could be the best.

By anonymous , 09-08-2004

- has anyone travelled around by bus with a longboard (or short board) was it hassle or could you get on the bus no problem??

By Jeff , 07-07-2004

- My bad, wrong name. Not carlos, the guy's name is Pedro Pablo Vergara. He also organizes surfing schools for surfers of all abilities. Go to for the surf schools.

By Jeff , 07-07-2004

boards in guatemala - Go to and give Carlos a call. He sells boards out of Guatemala City. From the website they seem quality boards in all shapes and sizes.

By kode , 01-07-2004

buy surfboard in Guatemala - Is it possible/easy to buy surfboard (6'4'' - 6'8'') in Guatemala? Where?

By , 07-04-2004

solo in central america - can anyone provide tips on theft prevention in central america? i'll be travelling by myself. are budget hostels/motels/etc. safe for leaving board bags, etc. while in the water? Are there secure places you'd recommend to leave boards/belongings? Any input or advice on this subject would be MUCH appreciated. thanks

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